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  1. rogue’s gallery
    The Wolfman of Bank of AmericaNo one comes off well in the new Merrill Lynch snuff book, ‘Crash of the Titans,’ but one character distinguishes himself.
  2. the bonus buster
    Former Bank of America CEO Calls Cuomo Fraud Suit ‘Nonsensical’Also, he wasn’t responsible for the “entire” financial crisis.
  3. vindication
    Merrill Lynch Acquisition Finally Paying Off for Bank of AmericaSomewhere, Ken Lewis is saying “I told you so.”
  4. coin tosses
    Bank of America’s Brian Moynihan Was Almost Fired Last YearInstead, he became CEO.
  5. Former Bank of America CEO Tries to Sell House Where Terrible Thing Once HappenedKen Lewis’s house is full of bad memories.
  6. second thoughts
    In Heart of the Crisis, Bank of America Exec Bought Ferrari, Rethought ItHe exchanged it for a “less showy” Maserati, according to his dealer.
  7. drama queens
    Ken Lewis: If I’m Going Down, Hank Paulson and Ben Bernanke Are Coming Down With MeHe will do it! HE WILL.
  8. finance fiction
    A Huge Amount of Angst Went Into Deciding New Bank of America CEO’s SalaryIt took over a month.
  9. refunds
    Bank of America to Repay $45 Billion Bailout MoneyMaybe now they can hire a CEO.
  10. cost-benefit analysis
    Bank of America Having Trouble Finding a CEO Who Wants to Work for NothingWeird.
  11. white men with money
    Feds Weren’t the Only Thing That Drove Ken Lewis to the EdgeThe Bank of America CEO was being hounded by his mother, for one.
  12. complicated feelings
    Bank of America Posts $1 Billion LossThis makes us feel less bad about CEO Ken Lewis getting no pay this year.
  13. white men we’re worried about
    Ken Lewis Ordered to Pay Bank of America $1 Million for the Pleasure of Working ThereKen Lewis, the outgoing CEO of Bank of America, will get no salary or bonus for 2009, and he’ll have to pay them $1 million.
  14. white men with money
    John Thain Pops Champagne at News of Ken Lewis’s DepartureMeanwhile, inside Bank of America, some employees are quietly celebrating the CEO’s resignation.
  15. white men with money
    Ken Lewis Will Retire With Ginormous Pile of CashThe Bank of America CEO will get $53 million.
  16. white men with money
    What Prompted Ken Lewis to Suddenly Resign, Anyway?And were a sweat lodge and/or peyote involved?
  17. white men with money
    Bank of America’s Ken Lewis ResignsThe North Carolina–based CEO is “really tired of all the mud that was being piled on him,” says a source.
  18. standoffs
    Bank of America Misses High-Noon DeadlineNow the bank will have to face off against Representative Edolphus Towns.
  19. nuts
    Congress Does Not Want to Hear About How ‘Mammoth’ Bank of America’s Nuts AreIn response to a subpoena, Bank of America drops a pile of useless e-mails on a congressman’s desk.
  20. the bonus buster
    Bank of America Blasts Andrew Cuomo With Fifty-Cent WordThe bank fights back against the attorney general’s accusations that they were “hindering” his investigation into Merrill Lynch bonuses.
  21. the greatest depression
    Bank of America Wants Out of Special EdKen Lewis no longer wants his bank to be designated as an ‘exceptional’ TARP recipient.
  22. Judge Negs Bank of America’s Settlement With SEC Over BonusesThere may be some justice in the world, after all.
  23. white men with money
    How Uncle Sam Owns Ken LewisA succession race at Bank of America is a sign of your taxpayer dollars at work.
  24. white men who still inexplicably have their jobs
    Ken Lewis Is Very Much In the SaddleHe’s just a little wobbly, is all.
  25. SEC Sues Bank of America, Bank of America SettlesWe all lose.
  26. white men with fish
    Hank Paulson: ‘You Bet I Threatened Ken Lewis’Because he DESERVED it.
  27. rationalizations
    Morgan Stanley CEO John Mack Spent $368,675 on Private Jets Last YearAnd he continued to fly on jets AFTER receiving TARP funds. Off with his head!
  28. the rich hunt
    Breaking: Banks Still Paying BankersTHIS IS AN OUTRAGE. No, not really.
  29. the greatest depression
    Elijah Cummings Wants Ken Lewis to Be More Open About His Feelings“Don’t let US tell you how you feel. Tell us how YOU felt.”
  30. early and awesome
    Bernanke to Lewis: You’re a Nice Guy. You’re A NICE GUY. But…That don’t cut it.
  31. the internet age
    Fed Flamed Bank of America CEO in E-mails, Threatened to Have Him FiredYOU ARE TRASHIN’ MY SCENE!
  32. ceoh no!
    Sheila Bair: Certain Bank CEOs Will Be Replaced“Are there people who can do a better job?”
  33. stressed out
    Bank of America Denies Trying to Raise Billions of DollarsThey don’t need no stinking money.
  34. white men who are nervous
    Bank of America Chief Ken Lewis Gets in Front of the Firing SquadThe Bank of America CEO faces down angry shareholders at the company’s annual meeting.
  35. those were the 100 days
    Bailouts, Bankers, Brackets, and Bo: Obama’s First 100 DaysLet’s relive all of the memorable moments we’ve already forgotten.
  36. white men with power
    Bank of America Board, Ken Lewis Threatened With Ouster by Gov’t Over Merrill DealAnd Andrew Cuomo has all the juicy deets.
  37. mean boys
    Survivor: Financial CrisisWith the game getting serious, the CEOs of America’s largest financial institutions are turning on one another.
  38. white men with money
    Bank of America CEO Has Done a Great Job Except for That One ThingThe Merrill Lynch thing was an oopsie, is all.
  39. world’s smallest violins
    The CEO’s LamentEveryone hates them, and now they don’t even get paid a lot. Sniff.
  40. the bonus buster
    Cuomo Finally Scores in Merrill Lynch BonusgateHe went through all the testimony and found a lie! Or, an inconsistency. Or a mistake. Anyway, something!
  41. scenes from a meltdown
    Bank of America Married a Stranger With SecretsNew, suspicious information about Merrill Lynch has Bank of America rifling through its traders’ belongings, looking for clues.
  42. the greatest depression
    Bonus Buster Andrew Cuomo Goes After Bank of America CEOThe New York attorney general has subpoenaed the BofA CEO about bonuses paid to Merrill Lynch.
  43. the greatest depression
    Obama to Cut Off Wall Street’s Huge PackagesThe Obama administration is expected to cap executive pay at TARP-sponsored companies at $500,000.
  44. the greatest depression
    Bank of America Posts Losses, Gets $138 Billion BailoutAnd CEO Ken Lewis may be on the chopping block. Welcome to 2009!
  45. the greatest depression
    Ken Lewis Joins Team No Bonus!He and his top executives won’t take home any extra this year.
  46. finance fiction
    Richard Fuld and Donna Lewis’s Awkward Phone ConvoFuld [In high-pitched fake southern accent]: “Hi, is Ken there, please?”
  47. vows
    Bank of America and Merrill Lynch Have Secured Marriage License, Are Due to WedBut is their marriage doomed?
  48. it happened today
    Bloody MondayNo matter what happens next, today was a day that will be remembered.
  49. company town
    Rupert Murdoch Is Full of Vim, Vigor and Probably ViagraThe media mogul seems gleeful about life (and also his wife!) in a ‘Newsweek’ profile, Bank of America’s CEO is startled by losses, a fifth-grade graduation ceremony gets ugly, and a hedge-funder pays $801,000 for a literal closet in today’s collection of media, finance, law, and real-estate news.
  50. in other news
    Things Get Hairy on Wall Street With the sub-prime debacle, the barons of Wall Street have learned a lesson about risk. But there’s a chancy new fad on the horizon they might not be able to resist. Aaron Perlut, the co-founder of the American Mustache Institute, issued a warning in the morning’s Wall Street Journal: “You’re definitely out on a limb when you grow a mustache, especially a flamboyant one, and if you do, you always run the risk that people will think you’re going too far.” That’s right, folks! Tomorrow begins Movember, a monthlong Australian contest which encourages businessmen grow mustaches, or “mos,” in order to raise funds for prostate cancer. This is the first year that the contest has come to the U.S., but it seems that New York’s finance guys might be a little too uptight to, ahem, “sport a mo.” The Journal points out that none of the chief executive officers at the top-ten Fortune 500 companies have mustaches — although we imagined what some of them would look like if they did, above — “and for young professionals seeking to follow in their footsteps, growing one may seem like a step in the wrong direction.” Take the experience of Christopher Doyle, a 26-year-old audit assistant at Deloitte & Touche, who was given a “gentle reminder” to shave after only two days of work. Well, that’s Wall Street for you. Clean-cut at the office, drag and nipple clamps at home. Growing Facial Hair for Charity [WSJ] Movember [Official site]