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  1. early and awesome
    A Brief History of Novelty Mayoral CandidatesThe Naked Cowboy and Reverend Billy can learn from the candidacies of Kenny Kramer, Bernie Goetz, and Norman Mailer.
  2. gossipmonger
    Let It Shine, Let It Shine, Let It ShineA choir sang “This Little Light of Mine” at Eliot Spitzer’s inauguration; the Albany Times Union editor was one of the singers. The owner of Patroon, who used to run ‘21,’ brought his current staff to his old restaurant. Courtney Love made 53 New Year’s resolutions. Casa Casuarina in South Beach lost power on New Year’s Eve, and Anna Anisimova and Jonathan Cheban couldn’t take the heat. Brad Pitt wants to produce a Borat project. Spirit Airlines lost James Gandolfini’s luggage. A producer was going to make an Elmore Leonard book into a movie but now isn’t. Oprah is happy that Madonna adopted that Malawian kid. Semi-disgraced Miss USA Tara Conner might pose for Playboy. Someone hit on David Schwimmer at Pastis. The Soup Nazi actor took Kramer’s Reality Tour. Former DNC chair Terry McAuliffe has a new memoir out, in which he tells stories about raising money. George Michael did a private New Year’s Eve concert in Russia for $3 million. Wilmer Valderrama is set to launch a menswear line. Meatpacking club Double Seven is moving down the block. Will Ferrell won’t do Elf 2. Kevin Connolly pulled a blonde out of the way of an ambulance in Miami.
  3. intel
    Kenny Kramer Wants to Remind You That He Isn’t a Racist, Has Things to Sell Michael Richards’s recent wacko racist rant has led to outrage, identity crises, and — oh, yeah — a good opportunity to sell T-shirts. The real Kramer just e-mailed us and everyone else who’s ever taken the Kramer Reality Tour to offer his take on the fake Kramer’s predicament. “It became necessary for me to put a disclaimer right on the home page of my website, explaining that Kramer is a character that Michael played on TV and I’m the person Kramer was based on, etc.,” he wrote, although we suspect he’s the only one who’s ever confused the two. And if you were worried this unpleasantness has hurt the real Kramer’s business, you can relax. “Kramer Reality Tour DVD, as well as tour gift certificates, ASSMAN license plates, and Seinfeld T-Shirts are still available and make great holiday gifts,” he continued. Yadda yadda yadda. Kenny’s full e-mail is after the jump. —Lori Fradkin