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    Whatever Cambridge Analytica Has Done to the U.S., It’s Done Worse ElsewhereTech companies and political consultants love countries that lack privacy regulations.
  2. Sean Spicer Was Almost Certainly Not Born in KenyaThere has been a lot of drama lately in the White House press office — including over the question of the secretary’s birthplace.
  3. foreign affairs
    In Final Speech, Obama Asks Kenyans to Build New Traditions On the last day of his historic trip, the president challenged Kenya to take a hard look at its past and present.
  4. foreign affairs
    In Return to Kenya, Obama Promotes Equal Rights and Economic GrowthIn the first-ever visit by a sitting U.S. president, Obama pushed for gay rights, increased counterterrorism ties, and more foreign investment.
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    Kenyans Prep for the Prez’s Visit: ‘Obamacare’Nairobi is getting a face-lift, amid a swell of pride and profit-seeking.
  6. 147 Dead in Attack on Kenyan University“With each blast of the gun, I thought I was going to die.”
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    NYPD Kenya Report Apparently Sparked an International IncidentKenya is pissed.
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    The NYPD Did Its Own Investigation of the Kenyan Mall MassacreThe department’s findings are quite different than the official story.
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    Kenyan President Declares Nairobi Mall Terrorists ‘Ashamed and Defeated’The siege is over after four days.
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    Kenyan Officials: Mall Hostages Freed, Americans Among Attackers [Updated]Though shots and explosions continued on Tuesday morning.
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    Nairobi Mall Fight Rages on at Westgate and on TwitterDozens are dead and at least 175 injured.
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    Nairobi Mall Attack Continues Into Second Day [Updated]The death toll has reached 59.
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    NYT War Photographer Went Inside Nairobi MallTyler Hicks’s photos from inside the Westgate Mall are incredible.
  14. terrorble
    Dozens of People Killed in Nairobi Mall Shooting [Updated]Somali militant group al-Shabaab claimed responsibility for the bloodshed.
  15. early and often
    Heilemann: Huckabee’s Obama-From-Kenya Statement Either ‘Sketch Comedy’ or ‘Grotesque Pandering’Or maybe both?
  16. what the huck?
    Mike Huckabee Suddenly Insists President Obama Grew Up in Kenya, for Some Reason [Updated]Whoa, where did that come from?
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    Newt Gingrich Has Figured Out ObamaApparently the president of the United States has the worldview of a “Kenyan.”
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    Zeituni Onyango, Obama’s Aunt, Testifies in Deportation CaseAfter a ten-month stay, she is finally making her arguments to stay in the United States.
  19. early and often
    Will McCain’s Surrogates Bring Up Barack Obama’s Destitute Kenyan Brother?Italian ‘Vanity Fair’ recently tracked down the candidate’s youngest half-brother outside of Nairobi, and learned that he lives on less than a dollar a month and sometimes has to fight for his own safety. Who wants to chat that up on Fox News?