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Ketanji Brown Jackson

  1. early and often
    Supreme Court Nominee Judge Neil Gorsuch Meets With Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) On Capitol Hill
    McConnell Stole a Supreme Court Seat. Is That the Norm Now?Debate over whether Sotomayor should retire reveals control of both the White House and Senate may be necessary to confirm anyone going forward.
  2. the national interest
    Why Ketanji Brown Jackson Will Be the Last Democratic Justice for a Long TimeThe Court is getting more partisan and much harder to change.
  3. politics
    ‘We’ve Made It’: Ketanji Brown Jackson Celebrates Historic ConfirmationLawmakers and other guests attended an event honoring Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Supreme Court confirmation on the White House’s South Lawn.
  4. politics
    Senate Confirms Ketanji Brown Jackson, First Black Woman on Supreme CourtJackson’s fortitude in the face of nasty GOP attacks elevated her already high reputation and helped secure her bipartisan Senate confirmation.
  5. the national interest
    Why Republicans Are Smearing Everyone As Pedophiles NowConspiracy theories work on different levels.
  6. ketanji brown jackson
    Jackson Gets Two More Republican Backers As Senate Votes NearLisa Murkowski’s support was no great surprise, but Mitt Romney’s was good news for the future justice.
  7. u.s. supreme court
    Ketanji Brown Jackson Confirmation Will Be (Barely) BipartisanSenator Susan Collins said she backs Jackson for the Supreme Court. That should give the judge at least one Republican vote.
  8. politics
    Problem Democrat Joe Manchin Throws His Party a Few BonesThe West Virginian affirmed his support for Ketanji Brown Jackson and salvaging Build Back Better, indicating he understands the limits of his power.
  9. politics
    Does the Supreme Court Deserve Ketanji Brown Jackson?The first Black female justice would lend the Court more credibility. That’s not necessarily a good thing.
  10. u.s. supreme court
    GOP’s Antics at Jackson Hearings Weren’t Just an Appeal to QAnonExtremist dog whistling aside, Republicans senators’ primary goal was to paint Democrats as soft on crime and hostile to parents and children.
  11. u.s. supreme court
    Ted Cruz Outdid Himself in the Jerkiness DepartmentBy going out of control while asking tendentious questions, the Texan put on an embarrassing display, presumably for the MAGA galleries.
  12. politics
    Ted Cruz Brings Culture War to Ketanji Brown Jackson HearingsThe senator grilled the Supreme Court nominee on the picture book Antiracist Baby as part of a dubious attempt to link her to critical race theory.
  13. ketanji brown jackson
    Jackson Confirmation Hearings Off to Smooth Start, But Republican Attacks BeginGOP senators previewed culture-war attack lines and memories of Brett Kavanaugh. But Judge Jackson seems very well prepared.
  14. politics
    Republicans’ Attack Plan for the Ketanji Brown Jackson HearingsInstead of getting nasty in a fight they can’t win, Republicans will use the hearings to reinforce their midterm message against Democrats.
  15. politics
    The Other FirstWhat it means to nominate a veteran public defender to the Supreme Court.
  16. politics
    Meet Ketanji Brown JacksonThe debate star, theater kid, public defender, and judge who would join the Supreme Court.
  17. politics
    Biden Emphasizes Diversity With First Judicial NomineesBiden unveiled 11 nominees, aiming to quickly make his mark on the federal bench and deliver on his pledge to elevate judges who “look like America.”
  18. federal unions
    Federal Judge Strikes Down Trump Rule to Rein In Federal UnionsThe decision is a major win for the union workers — at least for now.