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  1. nut button
    Finally, a Device for Telling Your Partner You Want to Bang Without SpeakingLoveSync is the nut button meme come to life.
  2. This Toy Just Raised $5 Million on Kickstarter, Because People Love to FidgetSupposedly, it can help you focus.
  3. The Ultimate Hoodie Has Finally Arrived, and It Even Has a Detachable Eye CoverIt also has something we don’t understand called a “lover’s pocket.”
  4. select all
    There Is No Point to This Levitating Phone Charger, But I Still Want OneBecause plugging your phone into an outlet is so 2015.
  5. Meet Your New Best Friend: An App That Will Find Your Car for YouJust take the guessing right out of it.
  6. There’s a Clothing Line That Can Wirelessly Charge Your PhoneNeed to charge your phone? Try this new clothing line.
  7. This Small Piece of Moldable Plastic Can Turn Into Anything You WantFix anything and everything.
  8. Man’s Indiegogo Campaign to ‘Re-create’ 9/11 Gets Shut DownJet fuel can’t melt … yeah, no.
  9. This Kickstarter User Embezzled Enough Money to Build a HouseAnother reminder that crowdfunding is not the same as buying a product.
  10. Paypal Won’t Protect Crowdfunding Payments Because Crowdfunding Fails a LotPeople often expect things in return when they shouldn’t.
  11. 12 Other Incredibly Stupid Kickstarter ProjectsLet someone burn your money for you.
  12. media
    ProPublica Wants to Pay an Intern to Investigate Internships Journalism.
  13. ink-stained wretches
    Fired GOOD Staff Raises $20,000 in One Day for TomorrowAnd rising — their Kickstarter has 28 days to go.
  14. heroes
    A Kickstarter Campaign for People Who Like Looking at BoobsFinally!
  15. occupy wall street
    Occupy Wall Street to Get a Perfectly Named Newspaper [Updated]A good pun is worth almost $17,000 in donations.
  16. neighborhood news
    Tourists May Soon Be Able to Gawk at a Piece of Public Art Mocking ThemHow welcoming.