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  1. international affairs
    Haitian Kidnappers Demand $17 Million for Return of American MissionariesWhat we know about the unfolding situation.
  2. Reports: 3 Americans Kidnapped in BaghdadIf true, this would be the first abduction of Americans in Iraq in more than five years.
  3. Evil Plot to Kidnap Obama Dogs Foiled by Secret ServiceThe thwarted dognapper also claimed to be Jesus Christ.
  4. terrible things
    Missing Woman Contacts the Police 10 Years After Being Kidnapped After getting in touch with her sister on Facebook.
  5. crimes and misdemeanors
    Woman Taken Into Custody After Trying to Steal a Baby in ChelseaIt turns out this isn’t the first time.
  6. crimes and misdemeanors
    Murdered Hasidic Landlord’s Kidnapper Caught on TapeSources believe the killers panicked in the snowstorm.
  7. crimes and misdemeanors
    Botched Bronx Robbery Became Days-Long Ordeal of Torture, Cops SayVictims were beaten, bound, and urinated on.
  8. media
    Glenn Beck-Backed Congressman-Elect to Ghostwrite Elizabeth Smart’s Memoir Chris Stewart is about to be very busy.
  9. flawed plans
    Housekeeper Kidnapped Rabbi’s Baby Because He Has ‘So Many Children’She tried to run to Uruguay, but got caught.
  10. in other news
    Elizabeth Smart to ABC News As Permanent Abduction ExpertGood morning, everybody.
  11. stupid crime of the day
    Things That Should Never Happen Just Because Someone Ate the Last Hot PocketSlapping and kidnapping.
  12. bizarre crime
    Woman Who Allegedly Stole Child and Raised Her Surrenders to AuthoritiesOn probation-violation charges.
  13. sad things that turn into happy things
    Woman Kidnapped As a Child Reunited With Family After 23 YearsThis is not a story you hear every day.
  14. in other news
    Phony Rockefeller on the Lam in New York AreaAn odd New England man of leisure kidnapped his own daughter and may be in New York waters right now, heading for Bermuda.