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Kids These Days

  1. kids these days
    The Whiny Grade-Grubbing NYU Students Have a PointIt is too hard to become a doctor in the United States.
  2. kids these days
    What Is ‘Generation Z’ Like? Watch the Spelling Bee to Find OutBy studying spelling bee competitors, Northwestern professor Shalini Shankar has started to create a portrait of the coming generational cohort.
  3. kids these days
    How Are Kids Supposed to Learn to Be Smart Online If Adults Are Such Dummies?The Momo challenge spread not because of children online, but because their parents didn’t bother to do their homework on whether the threat was real.
  4. young heroes
    Cops Manage to Catch Crook With Help of 11-Year-Old’s Stick-Figure Drawing“I have to give a lot of credit to my art teacher.”
  5. 8-Year-Old Tells Michelle Obama Her Stance on Ketchup Is Unpatriotic“I think you should rethink your idea that takes us to one ketchup packet per meal.”
  6. kids these days
    ESPN Robs 6th Grader of His Rightful NCAA Bracket Glory“I think it was kind of all skill,” says 12-year-old of his bracket, which was better than yours.
  7. kids these days
    Teens, Texting Moms Win As NYC Ends Public-School Cellphone BanTime to live-tweet chemistry! 
  8. kids these days
    8-Year-Old Calls Editor ‘Sh*thole’ for Cutting Cartoons From the Paper“You idiots. Jerks. Shitholes.”
  9. kids these days
    Little Kid Happily Makes New Home Inside Toy Claw-MachineSeems like a comfy place for a nap.
  10. stand clear of the closing doors
    Here Are Some Ladies Twerking on the Subway TracksOh god, the stupid.
  11. kids these days
    Time Declares Dante de Blasio One of Its Most Influential TeensPurely for his hair?
  12. kids these days
    Stuyvesant High School Politico Already UnbearableOh, the sound bites you’ll hear!
  13. kids these days
    WI Teen Wins National Texting ChampionshipThe prize is $50,000.
  14. laser beams
    Fourteen-Year-Old Long Island Boy Caught Pointing Laser at Police Chopper Police are investigating a connection between this and the Jet Blue incident.
  15. kids these days
    Long Island High-School Students Suspended for ‘Tebowing’ in HallwayPersonally, we think schools should be encouraging any fad that doesn’t involve putting vodka in your vagina.
  16. kids these days
    High Schooler Won’t Say Sorry to Kansas GovernorThis is going to make for an excellent college application essay.
  17. occupy wall street
    People Are Gettin’ It On at Occupy Wall StreetAnd reporters are reporting on it.
  18. education
    What Did You Wear for the First Day of School?This 7-year-old wore a tuxedo.
  19. kids these days
    ‘Grinding’ Rocks Small Vermont Town, Highlights Generation Gap“This is our way of dancing, even if they find it vulgar.”
  20. kids these days
    Fourteen-Year-Old Michigan Student Awesomely Stands Up for Suspended, Gay-Defending TeacherHow cool is this guy?
  21. school daze
    Columbia Is Now Paying Its Students to Talk to One AnotherIt has come to this.
  22. crimes of fashion
    Caroline Giuliani Gets One Day of Community Service After Makeup ArrestAlso, she got to keep the lip gloss.
  23. suburban malaise
    Greenwich, Connecticut, Kids Still Totally Bored by Local Nightlife“It’s a cougar den.”
  24. the young and the cashless
    Technology-Dependant Yuppies Practically Bankrupting LIRRWhat is this cash you speak of?
  25. media
    GQ China Recalls July Issue After Controversy Over ‘Sports Car Club’ StoryReaders are the losers here.
  26. kids these days
    More High Schools Are Honoring Multiple ValedictoriansOverachievers can now share this accolade.
  27. much alike
    ‘So That Means You Love Each Other!’A small boy wraps his mind around gay marriage.
  28. kids these days
    ChatRoulette Creator May Be Coming to America17-year-old has a choice on his hands.
  29. kids these days
    No Glass Cutters at Chuck E. Cheese, PleaseOr towels. Wait, what?
  30. kids these days
    Two JFK Employees Suspended for Letting Child Direct Planes’Post’ reports that the controller let a second kid direct air traffic the following day.
  31. kids these days
    Aw, a Child Is Directing Air Traffic at JFKYou know kids, always up to some kind of shenanigan.
  32. kids these days
    Anderson: ChatRoulette Founder Exposed — and He Hardly Seems Evil at AllHe says amazing things like, “Bandwidth bills show sums which shock me as a teenager, but I am not very worried.”
  33. neighborhood news
    High School Offers Skateboarding ClassKids get grades, gnarly air.
  34. kids these days
    Sarah Lawrence Students Protest FDA Gay Blood Donation BanBut they don’t want people to stop donating blood. So they bought this van…