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  1. kids today
    Read the College Essay That Got Kwasi Enin Into All 8 Ivy League SchoolsIt is very much a college essay.
  2. kids today
    Long Island Teen Just Happened to Get Into All 8 Ivy League SchoolsAnd Duke.
  3. kids today
    16-Year-Old Sneaks to Top of World Trade Center at 4 a.m., Tweets About ItThe New Jersey teen reportedly went “hog wild” at the high-security building.
  4. City Councilmember Wants to Give Teens More Power Over Municipal MattersWhat could go wrong?
  5. kids today
    Fraternity Brothers’ SeaWorld Ice-Cream Burglary Goes AwryPolice ended their quest for animal pics.
  6. kids today
    New Jersey Teen Who Sued Parents for Financial Support Gives Up the DreamNew Jersey’s Rachel Canning has returned home.
  7. happy endings
    11-Year-Old Who Was Missing for 5 Days Concludes ‘It’s a Very Big World’Kareem Granton was safely reunited with his family on Monday.
  8. school daze
    4-Year-Old Wanders Out of School; No One NoticesAfter Avonte Oquendo, this does not look good.
  9. kids today
    NYC Snow-Day Renegades All Skipped School YesterdayAttendance was below 50 percent.
  10. neighborhood news
    Brooklyn Bar Raises Drinking Age to 25“Friday and Saturday night, it’s like animal town.”
  11. terrible things
    The ‘Knockout’ Game, a.k.a. ‘Polarbearing,’ Is a Terrifying Teen TrendThe NYPD’s Hate Crimes Taskforce is investigating eight attacks on Brooklyn Jews.
  12. smokin’!
    NYC Teens Have 180 Days to Buy As Many Cigarettes As They Can AffordBloomberg has raised the purchasing age to 21.
  13. kids today
    Teen Girl Blames Weed Smoking on Bill de BlasioIt begins!
  14. kids today
    Young New Yorkers Don’t Have Dante de Blasio’s Back They’re not helping in the Gracie vs. Park Slope debate.
  15. kids today
    Brown University May Punish Students for Heckling Ray KellyFor preventing the “basic exchange of ideas.”
  16. higher learning
    Horace Mann Investigating ‘Hypercompetitive’ College-Admissions SabotageSomeone sent a letter to schools hoping to screw up a senior’s chances.
  17. live television
    Teenager Punctuates 9/11 Tribute With Plea to Obama for PeaceA 15-year-old spoke up during her time on the microphone.
  18. fromentum
    Dante de Blasio Is Not Very Famous at His High SchoolHis classmates are not feeling the #fromentum.
  19. happy things
    N.J. College Kids Pay During ‘Burglary’: VideoNot everything is the worst.
  20. kids today
    Citi Bikes Are the New Stretch LimosFor prom!
  21. kids today
    Meet Jack Cahn, Stuyvesant High School’s Ambitious Al Gore–Tracy Flick HybridThe 17-year-old speaks on his battle for the class presidency.
  22. kids today
    The Happiest LIRR Car Ever Will Make You Hate EverythingElectric Daisy Carnival happened in Queens.
  23. kids today
    President Obama Begs Class of 2013 Not to Give Up on the Government “I dare you to better.”
  24. ink-stained wretches
    New York Times Still Making the Same Old Williamsburg Hipster JokesBeards, ha-ha.
  25. kids today
    Queens Students Oddly Thrilled About Vegetarian School LunchesReally with these kids?
  26. kids today
    Teen Wears NRA Shirt to School, Gets Arrested“I just don’t understand why this teacher reacted the way he did,” says his lawyer.
  27. catfish
    NYPD Catfishing Would-be Teen CriminalsWith pictures of attractive young girls.
  28. bad ideas
    School Field Trip to Shooting Simulator Frowned UponToo soon.
  29. kids today
    Handcuffed 7-Year-Old and Alleged Victim Battle It Out in the TabloidsNew York papers are really working the schoolyard beat.
  30. kids today
    7-Year-Old Handcuffed and Interrogated Over $5His family is suing for $250 million.
  31. kids today
    Bragging About Nerf Guns at School No Longer CoolA Bronx elementary school went on lockdown this morning.
  32. crimes and misdemeanors
    Brooklyn Teen Prank-Called 911 More Than 400 TimesHe was arrested this week.
  33. kids today
    Bronx Gang Busted Discussing Crimes on Facebook and InstagramThe NYPD is really getting a hang of this social media stuff.
  34. school daze
    Cooper Union Kids Occupy Clock Tower for Free Tuition They could be up there for a while.
  35. kids today
    New York Times Takes on Hipster Irony (Again)The hipster-baiting author answers our questions.
  36. kids today
    Sam Ryan Is the Hammiest Ryan ChildA “campaign spokesman in training,” according to his father. 
  37. kids today
    Candidates’ Response to Nickelodeon Election Special Is Surprisingly ChildishKids are disappointed by the lack of substance.
  38. early and often
    Stylish Downtown Debate Party Absorbs an Obama LossNew York City’s hipster PAC drank through a “tough” night.
  39. parenting
    Queens Girl One-Ups ‘I Enjoy Vagina’ T-Shirt With Mom’s BlessingThe 15-year-old has plenty of risqué shirts to deploy.
  40. kids today
    Lying New Jersey Girl Comes Home Safe, InfamousSixteen-year-old Twitter celeb Kara Alongi has been found.
  41. the internet
    Runaway Teen Twitter Celeb Probably in NYCThe missing 16-year-old from New Jersey took the train toward Penn Station.
  42. the internet
    NYPD Upping Facebook Presence to Stalk GangsSocial media is the new battleground.
  43. ink-stained wretches
    NYT Quotes Fake Underage Drinkers at CornellThey gave the reporter fake names because they’re probably underage.
  44. crimes and misdemeanors
    Taking a DWI for Your Delinquent Boyfriend Is Totally Not Worth ItJust dump him.
  45. crimes and misdemeanors
    Forty-nine Brooklyn Gang Members Arrested Thanks to Facebook OversharingRivals friended each other and bragged about murders.
  46. school daze
    Columbia Impostor Caught Faking Everything, Advocating Bus Over Subway“Rhea Sen” is not an Ivy League freshman but a bizarre 26-year-old.
  47. kids today
    Schumer Shares Kids’ Desire to Eat Candy-Colored Detergent Pods“I don’t know why they make them look so delicious.”
  48. the internet
    Political Daughter of the DayMeanwhile, in Hawaii …
  49. kids today
    Brooklyn Parents Say What the Hell, Take Pre-Verbal Babies to French ClassThe benefits must outweigh the shame.
  50. kids today
    N.J. Teen Accused of Setting Fire to Home, Trying to Kill Her Entire FamilyThis definitely goes beyond teen angst.
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