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  1. covid-19
    When Will Young Kids Be Able to Get the COVID Vaccine?The FDA has authorized emergency use of Moderna and Pfizer vaccines for children under 5.
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    Momo Isn’t What Parents Need to Worry About on YouTubeUnderstanding this week’s overhyped internet panic.
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    Investors Push Apple to Study the Effects of Smartphones on ChildrenThey want to head off a growing panic.
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    Facebook Releases App for Preteens. What Could Possibly Go Wrong Here?Parents get to approve whom their kids can and can’t message on the app.
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    Meme-Famous Crying Kid Gets Another Visit From the Reporter Who Made Him CryTwo years ago, Andrew Macias became a meme after a reporter asked if he’d miss his mom while he was at school and he started to cry.
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    Yellow Is the Color of ViralityThe BBC-interview kid is just the latest in a string of internet-famous kids wearing yellow.
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    Savage 2-Year-Old Solves the Trolley ProblemThat’s one way to do it.
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    Nothing to See Here But a Kid Getting Trapped Between Two CowsMoooooove.
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    Despite Having Just One Friend, Kevin Is Pumped About 4th GradeThis kid is going places. Namely, the fourth grade. And then the fifth grade. And then college.
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    Don’t Let Sheryl Sandberg Babysit Your KidsThe Facebook COO was fired from two different child-care jobs back in the day.
  11. This Hysterical Kid Laughs Like an Adorable Evil GeniusSo innocent. So sweet.
  12. This Kid Named Tom Really Needs to Stop Shooting His Dad With a Nerf Gun“You little bastard!”
  13. Little Kid Will Never Trust Another Adult After Mom Takes Him on Roller Coaster“What the hell!”
  14. Shock: Viral Vomit-Baby Story Was Slightly Exaggerated ‘for Dramatic Effect’Still gross though.
  15. Pro-Gun Florida Woman Shot by 4-Year-Old Son“Even my 4 year old gets jacked up to target shoot with the .22,” Jamie Gilt wrote on Facebook, one day before she was shot.
  16. ice cream for breakfast
    7 Most Important Questions Kids Have Asked 2016 CandidatesThey might not be able to vote, but they do know how to get real.
  17. today in police reports
    Fifth-Graders Suspended for Making a ‘Bomb’“It was not a prank. They had a legitimate plan.”
  18. youth
    The Kids of P.S. 205 Share Their Favorite Yoga PosesChild’s pose, in class.
  19. Obama to Fourth Graders: Brace Yourself for No-Fun Vacations AheadTo the forest!
  20. ‘Daddy, Are We Rich?’How to raise an appreciative, perceptive kid in one of the most unequal, expensive places on earth. 
  21. shut it down
    At a Brooklyn School, Kids Staged an ‘I Can’t Breathe’ Die-InThey were all eighth-graders or younger.
  22. scary things
    7-Year-Old With Guns at Queens School Shared One With a FriendHe also had a flare gun.
  23. scary things
    Queens 7-Year-Old Brought Loaded Gun to SchoolEveryone is okay.
  24. sandy hook elementary school
    The Kids of Sandy Hook Started Classes Yesterday“The safest school in America.”
  25. hurricane sandy
    City Schools Are Clawing Back Sandy Vacation DaysThey’re coming out of winter break.
  26. transportation
    152,000 NYC Schoolchildren Might Need a RideYellow-bus drivers are threatening to strike.
  27. cable news news
    Skateboarding Teen Ends Up in Coma Ahead of Anderson AppearanceTragedy strikes the new daytime talk show.
  28. lawsuits
    Procter & Gamble Going After 8-Year-Old’s Fancy Soap CompanyLittle Willa is taking the company to court.
  29. are you there google? it’s me margaret
    No Big Deal, But Google May Have Promoted a Contest to Get Kids’ Social Security Numbers [Updated]Doodle-4-Google.
  30. excellent things
    ‘Kids Think Santa Claus Lives in Chelsea,’ So Adorable Couple ObligesChelsea couple makes kids’ Christmas wishes come true.
  31. kids
    Manhattan Judge Rules 4-Year-Old Biker Can Be Sued for NegligenceThey grow up so fast these days.
  32. the most important preteen in america
    Lourdes Makes Her Public-High-School DebutBraces and all.
  33. sad things
    Jaime Escalante, Inspiration for Stand and Deliver, Dies at 79The East Los Angeles math teacher was one of the most famous educators in America.
  34. school daze
    Parents Irate Over Public High School Notification DelaysMany city kids don’t know when they’ll find out where they’ll go to school next year.
  35. youth in revolt
    Twentysomething New Yorkers Are Living With Their Parents to Save MoneyBut is this really a mark of the recession?
  36. stand clear of the closing doors
    Students Probably Won’t Have to Pay for MetroCards After AllDisaster probably averted.
  37. stand clear of the closing doors
    MTA Criticized for Hating ChildrenSchoolchildren will soon be forced to pay to ride the subway like everyone else.
  38. school daze
    Elite University Endowments See Plebian Investment ReturnsHarvard and Yale had a bad year.
  39. bons mots
    Tony Avella Has ‘Lips Like Julia Roberts’And a butt like Kathy Ireland!
  40. accidents
    A Grade School Accidentally Showed a Bunch of Kids a PornoIs this awful or hilarious?
  41. suffer the little children
    Kindergartners Pray That School Doesn’t Lose Gifted Tests AgainAll the tykes have to retake their smart-kid test.
  42. blobs and the people who own them
    Nightmare on West 84th StreetPublic School 9 on the Upper West Side accidentally misplaced tests taken by 60 pre-kindergartners and kindergartners for the city’s Gifted and Talented programs. Uh-oh.
  43. school daze
    Now Middle-class Kindergartners Can’t Get Into Public School, EitherAs if being a 6-year-old in Manhattan wasn’t demoralizing enough already.
  44. prognosis precocious
    ‘Recession Anxiety’: The Latest Excuse for Teenagers Who Act Like TeenagersMove aside, Attention Deficit Disorder!
  45. sad things
    Dalton Student’s Apparent Suicide: More NewsThe ‘Daily News’ has a lot more details about yesterday’s tragedy.
  46. animanhattan
    Boa Constrictor Nuzzles Children in BrooklynThis is a story with a happy ending.
  47. in other news
    Anderson Cooper to Kids: ‘Don’t Be a Blowhard’We think we know what he was getting at.
  48. scenes from a meltdown
    Greenwich Village High School Won’t Open Next YearThe educational brainchild of a handful of Waverly Inn types didn’t make nearly enough money to start admitting students.
  49. election hangover
    Sarah Palin Is Back in the Kitchen, But It’s Still Not Quite Enough for Tina BrownTina wants to know: Who is babysitting those kids?
  50. sad things
    Hale House Will No Longer Take In OrphansThe plucky charity, founded by Mother Hale in 1969, will change its focus.
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