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    King Charles Is Sad Prince Harry Didn’t Stay for More ShunningThe monarch was reportedly “genuinely disappointed” that Prince Harry skipped his coronation lunch, though it was pretty clear he wasn’t welcome.
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    The Drama Lover’s Guide to the Coronation of King CharlesWhy is Harry going but not Meghan? Are performers snubbing Charles? Is Camilla making a sneaky title change? Here are all the biggest controversies.
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    The Ignorant American’s Guide to Coronation QuicheAll of your questions about King Charles’s weird spinach, tarragon, and broad bean “signature” quiche, answered by a semi-qualified Yank.
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    King Charles Pretends He’s Too ‘Busy’ to See Prince HarryIf Prince Harry is going to keep making surprise visits to London for his U.K.-tabloid suit, his dad better come up with some better excuses.
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    Palace Grudgingly Accepts Harry and Meghan’s Daughter as ‘Princess’The couple christened their daughter Princess Lilibet Diana in their first use of the title. The palace said it’d get around to updating its website.
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    For $33.09, You Can Hear Prince Harry Unpack His Trauma AgainPrince Harry is doing a livestream Q&A for anyone who missed his two Oprah interviews, his six-hour Netflix documentary, and his book, Spare.
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    King Charles’s ‘Bring Back Harry’ Response Is a Rorschach TestThe monarch said, “Who?” when a heckler asked about Prince Harry. It was savage, awkward, or heartbreaking, depending on which tabloid you read.
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    Australia Banishes King Charles From Its BanknotesIn the battle to succeed his mother on Australian $5 bills, Charles loses to the First Australians.
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    Bonkers Revelations From Prince Harry’s Book, RankedIn Spare, Harry says William attacked him, claims he killed 25 Taliban fighters, and shares lots of details we didn’t need to know about his penis.