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    Trump’s Legal Team Doesn’t Want You to See This Teen’s Kitten WebsiteA 17-year-old girl received a cease-and-desist letter from Trump for coding a website where people scratch Trump with cat paws.
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    Donald Trump Just Followed (and Unfollowed) ‘Emergency Kittens’ on TwitterThe President-elect followed and unfollowed the cat picture account in the span of a few hours.
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    Nothing to See Here Except a Kitten Eating Tiny PancakesJust look at that little short stack.
  4. kittens
    Two Words: Kitten GraduationThey received honors in cuteness.
  5. krugmania
    Cats, Music Videos, Flame Wars: Paul Krugman Is Very, Very BloggyFor better and for worse.
  6. fatties!!!!!
    The Obesity Epidemic Has Spread to Our PetsHumans did this.
  7. what other people do at work
    Inside the Weird, Wonderful World of Consumer Reports“This year, ‘Consumer Reports’ ordered 80 small bags of Maine coon cat hair from a cattery and then repeatedly spread 15 grams on an 18-inch by 54-inch strip of carpet. “
  8. save the kittens
    Goldman Sachs Charged With Abandoning Loves KittensOn top of everything else, this.
  9. photo op
    President Obama Is Bowing to People Again!This time, a small child. But why? Why?!?