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  1. fourth of july
    Everything We Know About Trump’s July 4 EventThe “Salute to America” is really a salute to Donald Trump.
  2. scandals
    FEMA Head’s Unauthorized Travel Cost Taxpayers $151,000Brock Long took government-owned vehicles, driven by government workers, back and forth from Washington, D.C., to North Carolina.
  3. kleptocracy
    Yet Another Trump Official Investigated for Misusing Government Funds on TravelWhat is it with these guys?
  4. Trumpism Is Having Its Best Week EverTrump has taken his signature agenda of racist immigration policy, naked corruption, and mindless belligerence on the world stage to new heights.
  5. Drug Firm Paid Michael Cohen $1.2 Million for Insight Into Trump’s Policy ViewsAfter one meeting with Cohen, Novartis realized that he had no knowledge of Trump’s health-care plans. It had to pay him $100,000 a month, anyway.
  6. Pro-Trump EPA Official: Pruitt Asked Us to Rent Him a Private PlaneNew testimony that Scott Pruitt is far more corrupt than previously understood.
  7. Trump Is No Longer Bothering to Conceal His CorruptionDon Jr., the manager of the president’s “blind trust,” is heading to India to sell condos — and give a speech on foreign policy.
  8. the swamp
    The Misadventures of Steven Mnuchin and Louise LintonThe mascots of Trump-era “glamour.”
  9. Trump’s Presidency Is Taking a Toll On His BusinessAs cosmopolitan elites shun Trump’s hotels and resorts, his company grows more reliant on swamp-fueled profits.
  10. White House Warns CNN That Critical Coverage Could Cost Time Warner Its MergerThe Trump administration is now openly threatening to use the Justice Department as a tool for punishing critical speech.
  11. Trump Accuses Amazon of Tax Avoidance, Bankrolling ‘Fake News’The president implicitly threatens Jeff Bezos with higher taxes, for owning a newspaper that reports critically on the White House.
  12. Trump’s Housing Cuts Spare the One Program He Profits FromThe president’s budget demands draconian cuts to public housing — but maintains a subsidy to landlords that nets him millions each year.
  13. emoluments clause
    Is Trump Inc. the President’s Greatest Vulnerability?A group of enterprising lawyers thinks it might be, whether all roads lead to Russia or not.
  14. The Case for KleptocracyThe most effective check on President Trump’s worst instincts may be his family’s desire to subordinate public policy to the needs of their brand.
  15. Trump Barely Even Pretending Any More Not to Be a KleptocratThe pathetically weak “separation” between the president and his office keeps getting weaker.
  16. the national interest
    Kellyanne Conway’s Ivanka Product Endorsement Apparently Broke the LawA federal employee may not “use his public office … for the endorsement of any product, service or enterprise.”
  17. kleptocracy
    Watchdog Group to Sue Trump Over Foreign Business ProfitsThey say payments his businesses collect from foreign governments violate the Emoluments Clause.
  18. early and often
    Trump Needs to Take Business Conflicts More Seriously, for His Own SakeIt’s not just the ethical thing to do. A better plan to address conflicts of interest will make his presidency stronger.
  19. the national interest
    The Way to Save Democracy Is to Attack Trump on EconomicsIf the Constitution and Obamacare are both about to be destroyed, which do you save?
  20. Big Corporations Are Lining Up to Help Trump Tell a Jobs-Creation StoryAnd news outlets are going along for the ride.
  21. kleptocracy
    With No Set Rules, Trumps Improvise on Fundraising EthicsDonald Jr. and Eric are distancing themselves from an inauguration event that appeared to offer access to their father for $1 million.
  22. kleptocracy
    Trump Family Finds New Ways to Monetize the PresidencyAn inauguration fundraiser offers access to the president and a hunting trip with his sons for $1 million.
  23. Trump’s Tech Meeting Disrupted the Norms of Liberal DemocracyTrump promised to cede control of his company to his sons, Eric and Don Jr. Then, he invited them to a policy meeting with Silicon Valley titans.
  24. the national interest
    Paul Ryan: Trump Can Loot All He Wants As Long As I Get Tax CutsPaul Ryan is exactly who we thought he was.
  25. the national interest
    Trump’s Kleptocracy Is So Astounding It Already Feels Like Old NewsHis brazen use of the office for personal enrichment reveals how willing the new administration is to obliterate governing norms.
  26. The Constitution (Probably) Won’t Save Us If Trump Becomes a KleptocratProfiting off the presidency is prohibited by the “Emoluments Clause” of the Constitution — but it’s not much of a deterrent.