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  1. 🔪
    How Bon Appétit YouTube Videos Brought Back This One Weird KnifeFans inundated the manufacturer with so many requests that they put it back into production.
  2. ‘Operation Cutting Edge’ Seeks to Slow SlashingsOperation Cutting Edge. Get it?
  3. international news
    China’s Latest Knife Attack Raises Security QuestionsThe casualty count has reached 29.
  4. scary things
    A Guy Tried to Board a Flight at JFK With a Bag Full of Dangerous, Sharp Things And a gigantic container of pub pretzel mix.
  5. Knife-Wielding Man Sends Five to Hospital in Epic Brooklyn BrawlIt was a rip-roaring night in Vinegar Hill.
  6. party chat
    Stephen Baldwin Carries a Knife to Movie PremieresWe know because he whipped it out for us.
  7. unsexy news stories
    Only Unfamous Aokis Are involved in Family Squabble, Reports Disapointed TabloidSad face.