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Koran Burning

  1. asking for trouble
    Florida Pastor Burns Several More Korans Really?
  2. war in afghanistan
    Koran Burning Protests Turn Deadly in AfghanistanPresident Obama has sent a personal apology letter about the incident.
  3. what you don’t know can’t make you hurt people
    Did President Hamid Karzai Provoke Terry Jones–Related Riots in Afghanistan?Think about the timing of these protests.
  4. religiots
    Terry Jones Finally Got That Koran-Burning Out of His SystemBut nobody really cares that much this time.
  5. karma
    Police Send Terry Jones a $180,000 BillSo that was totally not worth it.
  6. koran burning
    New Jersey Transit Employee Fired for Burning KoranHis actions violated “code of ethics.”
  7. america!
    ‘Dude, You Have No Koran.’A Texas Koran burner was no match for one sneaky skateboarder.
  8. terrorble
    Media Fed the Terry Jones Koran-Burning Frenzy, Says the MediaThe media asks itself some pressing questions.
  9. ground zero mosque
    NYC Imam Says There Are No Plans to Move Location of Islamic Community CenterAlso, Trump’s offer falls flat.
  10. terrorble
    Florida Minister Cancels Koran BurningBut don’t hold your breath.
  11. cable news news
    Fox News Will Not Cover the Koran Burning [Updated]What to make of this?
  12. terrorble
    Obama Joins the Long List of People Trying to Talk Sense Into Terry Jones“What he’s proposing to do is completely contrary to our values.”