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  1. 2022 midterms
    Kris Kobach Is Making Yet Another Comeback AttemptThe veteran nativist and vote suppresser is running for Kansas attorney general, despite failed U.S. Senate and gubernatorial bids.
  2. 2022 midterms
    Kris Kobach Won’t Go AwayThe Republican Party’s gift that keeps on giving to Kansas Democrats is running for attorney general.
  3. vision 2020
    Top Republican Election Lawyer Trashes Trump’s ‘Voter Fraud’ LiesBen Ginsberg tried to find widespread “voter fraud” for decades. Now he’s calling out Trump’s claims as fraudulent.
  4. 2020 elections
    Kris Kobach Loses Kansas Senate PrimaryThe abrasive nativist and vote suppressor — and Trump’s close ally — was defeated by Roger Marshall, a better prospect for holding an open GOP seat.
  5. 2020 elections
    Biden’s Surge Could Flip the Senate — and Boost His PresidencyA rising tide from the top of the ticket may lift Democrats to control of the Senate, which would make a successful Biden administration more likely.
  6. vision 2020
    Can Democrats Win the Senate on Biden’s Coattails?If Biden wins the presidential race, a trifecta is entirely possible for Democrats.
  7. voting rights
    Court Trashes Kobach’s Proof-of-Citizenship LawKobach is now running for the Senate instead of suppressing votes, but his signature law, which kept 31,000 Kansans from registering to vote, is gone.
  8. mike pompeo
    Mike Pompeo Isn’t Riding to the Rescue in KansasTrump’s other Kansas buddy, Kris Kobach, could well blow another statewide election for Republicans, one that could even lose them Senate control.
  9. kris kobach
    Kris Kobach Senate Run Could Be Good News for DemocratsOne of 2018’s big losers may be readying a comeback.
  10. politics
    Even the Trump Transition Team Knew Some Appointees Were Bad Hires: ReportIn newly obtained documents, the Trump transition team flagged some candidates as worrisome for the exact reason they were eventually let go.
  11. immigration
    Kris Kobach to Trump: I Can’t Be an Effective Adviser Without 24/7 Jet AccessThe GOP’s “populist” anti-immigration guru told the White House he won’t serve his country unless he’s given an on-call plane, other perks.
  12. immigration
    Conservatives Are Pushing to Put One of Their Own in Charge of Homeland SecurityHe’s very far to the right on immigration and everything else, but Cuccinelli may have yet to fully earn Trump’s trust.
  13. immigration
    Who Will Do Trump’s Bidding at DHS Now That Kirstjen Nielsen Is Gone?Trump wants immigration policy to be tougher. These people could make it so.
  14. immigration
    Locking Immigrants in ‘Camps’ Is the New American NormalAnd it’s carrying on an old tradition.
  15. 2020 elections
    Roberts Retirement Gives Dems Another Long-Shot Senate Target for 2020With Kris Kobach mulling a race, anything could happen.
  16. kris kobach
    Could Kris Kobach Be Trump’s Next DHS Secretary?Trump clearly wants to dump Kirstjen Nielsen. The fiery nativist from Kansas would test GOP loyalty, but would please the president.
  17. 2018 midterms
    With One Final Democratic Victory, Midterms EndAll in all, it was a good year for donkeys, and a good start on their 2020 goals.
  18. 2020 elections
    Why New Hampshire’s Bill Gardner May Lose the Office He’s Held for Four DecadesThe secretary of state’s big mistake was joining the Trump-Kobach “voter fraud” commission.
  19. 2018 midterms
    Kris Kobach Lashes Himself to Kansas’s Unpopular Former Governor Sam BrownbackIn the final gubernatorial debate, the controversial nativist and vote-suppressor tied himself to the former governor’s failed fiscal policies.
  20. 2018 midterms
    11 Tight Governor’s Races Will Shape America’s Political LandscapeDemocrats will probably make overall gains, but there are an amazing eleven gubernatorial elections that are tossups.
  21. 2018 midterms
    Heartland Heartburn Grows for Republicans in Gubernatorial RacesThe very region that did so much to make Trump president is moving away from his party in the midterms.
  22. 2018 midterms
    Two Former Republican U.S. Senators Endorse Kobach’s Democratic OpponentThe fiery right-winger is splitting his party in a very red state.
  23. kris kobach
    Kansas Republicans’ Rebellion Against Kris Kobach SpreadsA survey of Kansas GOP legislators shows nearly 40 percent refuse to come out for right-wing gubernatorial nominee and Trump friend Kris Kobach.
  24. 2018 midterms
    Former GOP Governor of Kansas Endorses Kobach’s Democratic OpponentModerate Republicans like Bill Graves could hold the balance of power in Kansas in November.
  25. voter fraud hoax
    Justice Department Finds 19 Illegal Voters; Right-Wing Peanut Gallery CheersFinding a few cases of illegal voting does not justify Trump’s sweeping claims that “millions and millions” of illegal votes have been cast.
  26. 2018 elections
    Kansas Governor Concedes to Trump Favorite Kris Kobach in GOP PrimaryKobach’s win sets up an intense gubernatorial race in the fall, and possibly a Democratic win.
  27. 2018 elections
    Kris Kobach Says He’ll Recuse Himself From Vote Count in Kansas GOP PrimaryHe reversed his position after a typo cut his tiny lead in half, but he suggested his opponent, incumbent governor Jeff Colyer, is being ridiculous.
  28. Typo Decimates Kris Kobach’s Lead in Kansas PrimaryKobach’s lead in the Kansas GOP gubernatorial primary is so tiny that changing one number cut his lead by more than half.
  29. Did Trump Save Protégé Kris Kobach in Kansas?It could be a while before we know whether Kansas’s quintessential Trumpist has won the GOP gubernatorial nod, giving Dems fresh hope for November.
  30. Trump Endorses Kris Kobach, Giving Kansas Democrats a Huge GiftA primary win by the divisive illegal-immigration zealot could set up a competitive general election in a deep-red state.
  31. Don’t Look Now, But Trump Whisperer Kris Kobach May Become Governor of KansasThe anti–illegal immigration and voter-fraud crusader is just steps away from ousting the GOP incumbent and becoming an even more valuable Trump ally.
  32. Democrats Could Make Big Gains in Governor Seats in the MidtermsIn what might be the most overlooked category in midterm races, there’s lots of potential for a blue wave.
  33. Voting Rights Foe Kris Kobach’s Very Bad Day in Federal CourtAnother series of defeats in federal court over his voter-ID law won’t bother Kobach much if they help him get elected governor of Kansas.
  34. The Head of Trump’s Voter-Fraud Commission Accidentally Leaked a Bunch of SSNsKansas’s secretary of State exposed thousands of state workers to the risk of identity theft.
  35. Good News for Kansas: Governor Brownback to Be Confirmed for AmbassadorshipRelief is in sight for Kansas.
  36. Trump’s Voting Commission Wanted Data on Texans With Hispanic Last NamesCharacteristically above-board behavior.
  37. His Voter Fraud Panel Folded, Kobach Turns His Attention to Ruining KansasPity poor Kansas, which has suffered through two terms of Sam Brownback’s fiscal punishment, and now could wind up being misgoverned by Kobach.
  38. Trump Disbands Commission Studying (Nonexistent) Mass Voter FraudBut it will live on within the Department of Homeland Security.
  39. Trump’s Band of Merry Voter-Fraud Charlatans to Ride AgainThey’re not going to let facts get in the way.
  40. Poll: Half of Republicans Open to Postponing of 2020 ElectionsIf Trump said it was delayed to prevent “voter fraud,” 52 percent would support him, a new survey shows.
  41. Kris Kobach Wants a Promotion. But Will He Stay in Topeka or Head to D.C.?The famous immigrant-baiter and vote-suppressor is running for governor, but certain moves by Trump could mean Kobach’s future is in D.C.
  42. Trump’s Voter-Intimidation Scheme Is Already WorkingVoters are worried about his voter-fraud commission’s attempt to gather information on them.
  43. select all
    From Goatse to ‘F*ck Off,’ the Best Emails Sent to Trump’s Election CommissionThere’s a high proportion of four-letter words.
  44. politics
    Trump Falsely Warns of Multistate Voter-Fraud ConspiracyPutin isn’t the only one trying to damage the integrity of America’s election system.
  45. State Officials Are Not Cooperating With Trump’s ‘Voter Fraud’ PanelCalifornia, Virginia, and Kentucky are among the states to tell Trump’s “voter fraud” czar, Kris Kobach, to get lost.
  46. Is Trump’s Pick for Homeland Security a Trojan Horse?A lot of fearful people were happy when John Kelly was asked to become DHS secretary rather than the sinister Kansan Kris Kobach. But not so fast …
  47. Trump Cabinet Hopeful Forgets Cover Sheet, Exposes DHS Plan for All to SeeThe Kansas secretary of State met with Donald Trump Sunday and inadvertently provided insight into what he was proposing at DHS.
  48. Trump’s Strange and Mildly Disturbing Short List of Attorney General CandidatesThose reportedly under most active consideration are not dispelling fears of a right-wing Justice Department.
  49. early and often
    Trump Team Has Plan to Start Building Wall, Maybe Reinstate Muslim RegistryAccording to Kris Kobach, architect of several extreme anti-immigration laws, who could become attorney general.