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  1. texas school shooting
    For Trump and Other NRA Speakers, the Answer to Uvalde Was More GunsThe horror of Tuesday’s school shooting in Texas left an impression at the NRA’s annual conference, but it didn’t make a difference.
  2. politics
    The Midterms Could Give the Senate a MAGA MakeoverRetirements and primary challenges could decimate the Senate’s Establishment Republicans.
  3. vision 2024
    Has Trump Spoiled the GOP for More Rational Leaders?If Trump doesn’t run in 2024, other Republican presidential contenders will have a hard time rivaling his unique demagogic appeal.
  4. weird flex
    The GOP’s 2024 Strategy Has a High Body CountHow rejecting COVID precautions has become a fertile campaign boast for potential GOP presidential hopefuls.
  5. patriotism
    Superpatriot Kristi Noem ‘Really Hates This America’The South Dakota governor craves the peace and unity of a one-party state.
  6. maga
    Kristi Noem Angers Her Base With Transgender Sports-Ban VetoThe South Dakota governor was a MAGA favorite thanks to her fight against pandemic public-health measures. Now she’s flunked a cultural litmus test.
  7. politics
    Will Trump Dump Pence If He Runs in 2024?There are reports Trump won’t forgive Pence his one moment of independence. A fresh start could also give us the spectacle of a Trump-Trump ticket.
  8. delusions of grandeur
    Yes, Trump Actually Did Want to Be Added to Mount RushmoreA White House aide reportedly looked into the process for adding another president’s face to the monument.
  9. protests
    South Dakota Gears Up to Crack Down on Keystone XL Protesters in 2020Governor Kristi Noem and the Republican legislature are trying again to pass a new “riot-boosting” law, which is a term they made up.
  10. drugs
    South Dakota Debuts New Anti-Drug Campaign: ‘Meth. We’re On It.’The website — onmeth.com — isn’t helping clear up the intentions of the $449,000 advertising campaign.
  11. relatively attractive people
    Coaxing the Capitol Hill Hotties Onto the 50 Most Beautiful ListIt was up to the contenders to look as hot as they could manage, but not so hot that they might regret it.
  12. the midterm snapshot
    The Midterm Snapshot: October 21A look at what’s happening in races around the country.