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Kyle Rittenhouse

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    Kyle Rittenhouse Cleared of All Charges in Murder TrialHe was a teenager when he opened fire on the streets of Kenosha, killing two, wounding a third, and igniting a furious national political debate.
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    There Will Be More RittenhousesThe forces that created a vigilante also exonerated him.
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    Kyle Rittenhouse Takes the Stand in a Surprise TurnThe accused murderer broke down during his testimony describing the fatal shooting of the first of three victims.
  4. kyle rittenhouse trial
    The Kyle Rittenhouse Judge Gave Voters a GiftBruce Schroeder’s controversial ruling produced something that people rarely have when they choose judges: information.
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    Kenosha Prosecutors Say They Can’t Find Kyle RittenhouseThe teenager who allegedly killed two men at a Black Lives Matter protest last summer has moved without informing the court of his new residence.
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    Trump Defends Suspected Kenosha Shooter Kyle RittenhouseTrump’s leap to defend Rittenhouse is either pathological or a deadly message he wants to sent to future would-be racial-justice protesters.