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  1. games
    The NBA’s Player Empowerment Era Is OverAs a new season begins, the league’s stars don’t quite have free rein anymore.
  2. labor
    The Media Falls for Trump’s Labor LiesHis pro-worker spin has always been bogus.
  3. uaw strike
    Biden’s UAW Rally Exposes the Bankruptcy of Trump’s PopulismBiden walking the picket line while Trump addresses a nonunion auto plant perfectly illustrates their parties’ distinct approaches to labor issues.
  4. labor
    The Strikes Are WorkingFrom Hollywood to Detroit, unions are telling a story that Americans need to hear.
  5. uaw strike
    What Trump Gets Wrong (and Right) About the UAW StrikeThe EV transition threatens to hurt unionized autoworkers. But Biden’s policies aren’t to blame.
  6. the picket line
    The UAW Takes on the Billionaire ClassThe union’s Stand Up Strike will have ramifications for all workers.
  7. labor
    Labor Summer Comes To The AirportExploited contractors who push wheelchairs and clean cabins are making themselves seen and heard.
  8. hollywood
    Walking Out of the Dream FactoryThe strike is in Hollywood, but its lessons apply to workers all over.
  9. labor
    Who’s Afraid of Julie Su?Biden’s nominee for secretary of Labor has powerful enemies.
  10. the economy
    The 4-Day Week Is for White-collar WorkersFor America’s wage laborers, a 32-hour workweek is less of a beautiful dream than an oppressive reality.
  11. big tech
    The Silicon Valley LoopHow the dot-com crash created Palo Alto’s clueless investor class.
  12. early and often
    House Republicans Can’t Even Tolerate the Word LaborThe renaming of a House committee to abolish the term labor explodes the fiction that the GOP is now the party of the working class.
  13. early and often
    Conservatives Clarify That They’re Pro-Boss, Not Pro-MarketThe right’s revealing opposition to ending noncompete agreements.
  14. all the live long day
    Why America’s Railroads Refuse to Give Their Workers Paid LeaveWall Street’s new robber barons can’t make the trains run on time.
  15. the picket line
    Big Labor’s Next Big FightThe Teamsters’ new leader promised an age of militancy. UPS will test his mettle.
  16. scientology
    How Scientology Exploits Foreign WorkersThe church has used an obscure visa to bring in thousands of laborers — and benefit from their toil.
  17. the picket line
    The Truth Behind ‘Quiet Quitting’Workers are reclaiming their time from the boss.
  18. profile
    What Will Chris Smalls Do Next?He did the impossible: Unionize an Amazon warehouse. Then the hard part began.
  19. the picket line
    Elon Musk Wants Free Speech for Himself, Not SpaceX EmployeesWorkers were fired for daring to criticize the king.
  20. the group portrait
    Amazon Labor Union’s Next Big TestOrganizers are angling for a second historic victory.
  21. the resistance
    The Democratic Party Is Wasting Its Grassroots EnergyThe conservative movement is on the march to power. What happened to movements on the left?
  22. labor
    The Woke Corporation Is Dead. Good.Workers are showing that a benevolent dictator is still a dictator.
  23. amazon union
    Do Democrats Really Want Amazon’s Workers to Win?The party’s leadership class is hopelessly entangled with Jeff Bezos’s world-destroying retail giant.
  24. amazon
    First Amazon Warehouse Has Unionized in Staten IslandWorkers will be represented by the independent Amazon Labor Union.
  25. labor
    ‘Pro-Worker Conservatives’ Are Just Union Busters in DisguiseIn Marco Rubio’s new plan, the GOP’s overtures to the working class have reached their logical end.
  26. labor
    Miners vs. VulturesA lengthy strike calls attention to the practices of private equity.
  27. tornadoes
    Workers Describe Being Trapped by Bosses During Deadly Tornado OutbreakNBC News reports that candlemakers were denied requests to leave ahead of a storm. Meanwhile, Amazon reconsiders its no-phone policy for warehouses.
  28. games
    What to Know About Baseball’s Looming Labor DisasterMLB players and owners are at each other’s throats, and the possibility of the first work stoppage in a quarter century is very real.
  29. 9/11: 20 years later
    9/11 and the Rise of the (Unionized) Security OfficerHow a group of unsung heroes fought for better working conditions.
  30. labor
    “My Priorities Are Focused on Bolstering Worker Power’Labor Secretary Marty Walsh speaks to Intelligencer about the nature of essential work.
  31. games
    College Football Is the Wild West NowAs a new season kicks off, it’s clear that the Supreme Court–weakened NCAA isn’t really in charge anymore.
  32. as told to
    ‘It’s Just Devastating to See These Conditions’As a deadly heat wave grips the Pacific Northwest, a former farmworker speaks out about the danger to people laboring in the fields.
  33. games
    The NCAA Looks Like a Dead Organization WalkingJustice Brett Kavanaugh, of all people, has stuck a dagger into college sports’ unjust business model.
  34. the economy
    A World of High Wages and Cheap Burrito Bowls Is PossibleWhy better pay for some doesn’t necessarily mean more expensive goods for others.
  35. business
    Amazon Is Too Large to SustainThe company’s growth outpaces its ability to care for its workforce.
  36. the economy
    The America of Tomorrow Could Use a 20th-Century Welfare StateA lack of affordable health care, child care, and job training is holding American workers back, a new survey finds.
  37. amazon
    Amazon Called Out for Denying Workers Are Forced to Pee in BottlesAn official Amazon account denied reports that employees urinate in bottles in order to fill quotas. They were soon forced to smell the evidence.
  38. conservatism
    Rubio Endorses Labor Unions (As a Punishment for ‘Woke’ Companies)Rubio’s endorsement of the union drive at Amazon is an ultimatum to capital: If you want the GOP to help you crush labor, don’t go “woke.”
  39. vaccinations
    Should Restaurant Owners Require Staff to Get Vaccinated?A controversial firing addresses a difficult question.
  40. covid-19
    New York Takes On Amazon Over COVID Safety MeasuresIn a lawsuit, State Attorney General Letitia James alleges that the company put workers at risk of infection.
  41. politics
    Biden Instantly Fires Trump-Appointed Anti-Worker AttorneyBrought back to Washington by Trump to defend employers and bust unions, the Reagan attorney who broke the PATCO strike got his own walking papers.
  42. getting around
    Can a Worker-Owned App Pull Drivers From Uber and Lyft?A cooperative tries to revolutionize ride sharing.
  43. labor
    Nevada Sex Workers Are Getting Stiffed by Brothels, the Government — and COVIDBarred from both working and receiving unemployment benefits, sex workers are struggling to survive the inequality of the socially distanced economy.
  44. strike
    Nearly 800 Philly Nurses Strike Over Staffing ShortagesAfter months on the front lines of the pandemic, nurses are now battling their employers, too.
  45. wolves in wokes clothing
    Uber and Lyft’s Proposition 22 Win Is a Warning Shot to DemocratsCorporations co-opted the language of social justice to screw workers, and the party is too comfortable with it.
  46. labor
    Florida Becomes Latest State to Pass a $15 Minimum WageIt will be raised annually through 2026 and then adjusted for inflation every year after.
  47. the top line
    The World’s Best BureaucratAs chairman of the Federal Reserve during the pandemic, Jerome Powell has managed to do something almost unimaginable in Washington: a good job.
  48. q&a
    The Conservative Case for Organized LaborA dissident conservative think tank — and Marco Rubio — is calling on the GOP to embrace collective-bargaining rights.
  49. labor
    NBA Playoffs to Resume, New Social Justice Initiatives AnnouncedGames will resume on Saturday, team arenas will be converted into polling locations this fall, and a new social justice coalition has been formed.
  50. federal reserve
    In Historic Move, Fed Will No Longer Kill Jobs to Fight Phantom InflationFor decades, the central bank has deliberately slowed growth whenever unemployment got “too low.” Jerome Powell says that era is over.
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