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  1. lady business
    Akin: ‘Legitimate’ Rape Doesn’t Cause PregnancyThe more you know!
  2. crimes and misdemeanors
    Women Get Stopped and Frisked TooAnd it’s often humiliating.
  3. lady business
    So-Called ‘War on Women’ Has Silver Lining for GOP LadiesProgress!
  4. lady business
    Michigan GOP Bans Lawmaker for Using the V-WordVariable? Varsity? Vim? Vigor? Vinegar?
  5. lady business
    GOP Spokesman Has Odd Interpretation of ‘Civil’“Let’s hurl some acid at those female democratic Senators.”
  6. post-modern love
    Judging Priscilla Chan: Why People Won’t StopThey’re mad she’s not playing the part of princess.
  7. lady business
    Where Was Randi Zuckerberg During Facebook’s IPO?At a lady-networking conference, naturally.
  8. lady business
    Barack Obama Conducts a War on Women…’s Hearts and Minds!His best attempts at pandering to women, ranked.
  9. survey says
    Young Women More Ambitious Than DudesAccording to a new survey from Pew, and many Judd Apatow movies.
  10. stuck in the mittle
    Does Mitt Romney Think His Wife Lacks Dignity? MSNBC fuels the War on Moms with a retroactive gaffe. 
  11. Predictably, Hilary Rosen Apologizes to Ann RomneyNow this whole thing is ov … nah, never mind. Still going.
  12. lady business
    In the War on Women, Who’s Fighting, and for What?Both sides are tossing around a term that’s getting defined more and more broadly.
  13. low bars
    The Masters Tournament Came Just in Time for the GOPThey’ll happily defend a woman’s right to golf.
  14. terrible things
    Belvedere Vodka Thinks Rape-y Jokes Might Be a Good Way to Sell VodkaYeesh.
  15. lady business
    The Internal Fallout at the Komen FoundationIt’s still going.
  16. lady business
    Ultrasound (and Contraception) Ultracraziness“I believe that we live in America. We don’t live in the Soviet Union.”
  17. lady business
    GOP No Longer Opposes Violence Against WomenAs in the Congressional Act.
  18. politics
    Frank Rich on Maddow: Limbaugh Blew the GOP’s Contraception CoverHanded Obama and Dems “a soft ball right over the plate.”
  19. lady business
    Man Does Not Hate WomenMan’s thoughts on Syria and Iran less clear.
  20. lady business
    ‘Are Women People?’Weighing the evidence.
  21. blowhards
    Rush Limbaugh Still Going to Be Inducted Into Hall of Famous MissouriansHe certainly hasn’t gotten any less famous, it’s true.
  22. Despite Rush Limbaugh Apology, Advertisers Continue to FleeSeven sponsors have now backed away.
  23. Rush Limbaugh’s ‘Slut’ Attack Costs Him AdvertisersIncluding two mattress-makers. But is he losing any sleep?
  24. lady business
    Why Is Everyone Paying So Much Attention to Rush Limbaugh?Including us!
  25. survey says
    Americans Kinda Annoyed by Politicians’ Recent Obsession With SexWhat’s the deal, guys?
  26. santorum surprise
    Rick Santorum Is Picking Up Support Among WomenWhy?
  27. the art of trolling
    Trolling 101: Are We Defining ‘Provocative’ Down?For instance, did you find that headline at ALL provocative?
  28. stuck in the mittle
    Ann Romney Is a Genius at PinterestPerhaps not the world’s highest bar, but still.
  29. bon mots
    Ex-Komen VP Pulls No Punches in Going After Planned ParenthoodShe calls the organization a “giant bully,” horseman of the apocalypse.
  30. lady business
    Komen’s CEO Nancy Brinker Under FireKaren Handel’s resignation didn’t solve her problem.
  31. lady business
    Karen Handel, Top Komen Executive, Resigns [Updated]After a chorus of calls for her to do so.
  32. lady business
    Komen Takes It Back, Will Keep Funding Planned ParenthoodPsych! Faked us out, huh?
  33. lady business
    People Are Really Mad at the Komen Foundation [Updated]Even people within the Komen foundation.
  34. lady business
    Good Thing No One Taking Birth Control Pills Wants to Avoid Getting PregnantBecause Pfizer sold a bunch that might not prevent pregnancy.
  35. lady business
    Susan G. Komen Foundation Is Cutting Off Aid to Planned ParenthoodUh-oh.
  36. lady business
    Pearl-Clutching Sure to Ensue Over Takedown of ‘Pearl-Clutching’The evolution of a cliché.
  37. lady business
    Today’s Good Jobs Report Wasn’t Great for WomenDitto all of 2011’s employment data.
  38. the third terminator
    Mayor Bloomberg Is Not Down With the Obama Administration’s Plan B Flip-FlopIt’s science, not politics, he says.
  39. barack obama
    Obama Doubles Down on Public Support for Continued Plan B RestrictionsLefties be damned.
  40. politics
    Obama’s Plan B Reversal: Maybe He Should Have Explored Plan C?Yet another disappointment for the left.
  41. lady business
    It’s a Big Day for XOJane and HelloGigglesThey’re no longer the most ridiculously named women’s sites on the Internet.
  42. Gloria Allred: A Career in Press ConferencesFrom women’s rights to the other women.
  43. lady business
    Herman Cain’s Lady ProblemHe loves the word ‘lady’. Like, a lot.
  44. politics
    Does the Obama Administration Have a ‘Woman Problem’? [Updated]Depends how you define it.