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Land Of The Free

  1. don’t mess with texas
    Glenn Beck Is Moving to TexasThe land of the free.
  2. land of the free
    Buried Muslims Threaten Upstate New York TownSidney, New York, wants the Muslims to exhume their cemetery’s bodies.
  3. land of the free
    America Can’t Decide Where Muslims Are Supposed to Park, If AnywhereOn the street? No. In a parking lot? Also no.
  4. land of the free
    Saudi Diplomat Seeks Asylum in Los AngelesHe lost his job and passport after his bosses found out he was gay and had befriended a Jewish woman.
  5. land of the free
    This Day in ProtestsWhat, you thought no one was going to light anything on fire?
  6. land of the free
    In Fifteenth Minute, Terry Jones Promises Not to Burn KoransThe Florida Pastor decided that visiting the ‘Today’ show was more important.
  7. land of the free
    By the Way, There Was a Muslim Prayer Center in the World Trade Center While It Still StoodMeanwhile, the ‘Post’ presents us with a tasteful human splatter map.
  8. cabbie stabbing
    Michael Enright Indicted On Hate-Crime ChargesArraignment scheduled for next month.
  9. land of the free
    Isolated-Incident WatchArson at a mosque site in Tennessee.
  10. cabbie stabbing
    Stabbed Cabbie Worried About Supporting His FamilyTaxi-union rep expresses dismay at lack of financial support.
  11. land of the free
    Ahmed Sharif Doesn’t Blame the Mosque DebateThe stabbed cabbie speaks about his ordeal.
  12. land of the free
    Stabbed Cabbie Joining the Mosque DebateAs others debate whether he has anything to do with it.
  13. awful things
    Alleged Taxicab Slasher Was Intoxicated, Also Filming Afghan War DocPlus more updates.
  14. awful things
    Man Stabs Cab Driver in Manhattan for ‘Being Muslim’See?
  15. land of the free
    Muslim Leaders Worry That Holiday Celebrating the End of Ramadan Falls Near 9/11Muslim leaders: “It’s getting really scary out there.”
  16. land of the free
    Mayor Bloomberg Wrote His Own Lines for Ground Zero Mosque SpeechAnd they were good ones.
  17. land of the free
    Fox News Host to Open Gay Bar Near Ground Zero Mosque“As you know, the Muslim faith doesn’t look kindly upon homosexuality, which is why I’m building this bar,” writes Greg Gutfeld.
  18. land of the free
    Opposition to Ground Zero Mosque Happens to Coincide With Other Anti-Mosque MovementsAll around the country, new mosques are being met with hostile protests.
  19. ground zero mosque
    Ground Zero Mosque an Increasingly Divisive Political IssueYou wouldn’t think this would be an issue at all. Alas …
  20. land of the free
    Opposition to a New Mosque, Without the Ground Zero Excuse This TimeThese Staten Islanders just don’t want anything to do with Muslims.
  21. land of the free
    Opposition to Ground Zero Mosque Reaches Its NadirRadio host calls for mosque to be “blown up.”