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  1. the rent is too damn high
    Zombie Renovations Are ComingLandlords are claiming that work completed decades ago is grounds to take a building out of rent regulation. What’s a tenant supposed to do?
  2. the rent is too damn high
    Are the Landlords Bluffing?They say thousands of rent stabilized apartments are too cheap and too far gone to rent. You’ll just have to take their word for it.
  3. coronavirus
    CDC Issues Eviction Moratorium Until Year’s EndIn a surprise move of sweeping scope, upwards of 40 million renters will be temporarily protected from evictions, though not from liability for rent.
  4. bad landlords
    Notoriously Terrible New York Landlord Charged With 20 FeloniesSteven Croman’s terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.
  5. gentrification
    Grim, Racist Methods of One Brooklyn LandlordHe explains the tricks he uses to get black renters — and even owners — out of their homes in gentrifying neighborhoods.
  6. real estate
    Rent Now, Get a Free TV: The Strangest Apartment Perks Offered This WinterLandlords are giving away gym memberships, Kindles, and even gift cards.
  7. things that are scary
    Florida Gunman Killed After Deadly Shooting Spree and Hostage Standoff [Updated]He shot six people before barricading himself in an apartment with two others.
  8. worst landlords
    Bad New York Landlords, Part XLVIRemember that fire-escape-less Bronx building?
  9. horrible inconveniences
    Entire Bronx Building Wins Worst Hotel Trip EverEveryone’s getting kicked out of their homes because the fire escapes were removed.
  10. occupy wall street
    Corporate Landlord Losing Patience With Occupy Wall Street ProtestZuccotti Park is a privately owned public space.
  11. early and often
    Rent-Controlled Apartments for Under $1,000 Could Get More ExpensiveThe “poor tax” wins out on appeal.
  12. early and awkward
    Rahm Emanuel Has the Worst Tenant EverHe’s running against Rahm for mayor of Chicago.
  13. bedbugs
    Bedbugs Are the New STDsLandlords are legally required to fill out a new disclosure form for bedbugs.
  14. resident evil
    Slumlord Watch List: New York’s 153 Worst LandlordsThere was something lurking in Lakisha Haywood’s toilet.
  15. fallout
    City Agencies Descend on Lead- and Asbestos-Choked Apthorp BuildingThe Apthorp tenants were always an eye-rollingly wheedling bunch, but it’s hard to argue with a laundry list of wipe samples quoting six to ten times the legal amounts of lead in the air.
  16. neighborhood watch
    You Should Know: Even ‘Funky’ Landlords Will Evict YouArty Prospect Heights aims to oust rent-stabilized tenant to complete their arty dream house.
  17. Gross: Landlord Hid Cameras in College Students’ BedroomsAn incident in Franklin Square teaches us the lessons we failed to learn from Smokey the Bear.
  18. company town
    AIG’s Mess Continues, Right in the Middle of Spring CleaningPlus, lawsuits over poop, Andrew Cuomo busting lawyers, and ‘USA Today’ so wrong, wrong, wrong.
  19. intel
    Bushwick Hipsters Left Out in the ColdAnother battle in the never-ending war between Man and Landlord was fought this morning, when a large collection of young artists and hipsters gathered in front of 17-17 Troutman Street, a warehouse in Bushwick, to protest their abrupt eviction from the building. On October 18, they said, they were given ten hours’ notice to collect whatever belongings they could carry down the stairs (the service elevators had already been cut out) before the Fire Department broke down doors with sledgehammers and ordered them outside. Their landlord, David Steinberg, has been scarce since the trouble began. “I’ve talked to people who have talked to him,” ex-tenant Evan Greenfield said. “But he hasn’t returned my calls. He says he doesn’t want us to vilify him.” That hope was probably a tad unrealistic, as Steinberg had been signing up new leases mere days before the city deemed the building uninhabitable, citing fire-code violations.
  20. the morning line
    Free at Last, Free at Last • What were we doing in the days before DNA testing? Well, apparently jailing busloads of innocent people, for one thing. The eighth — eighth! — New York State convict in thirteen months to be exonerated by DNA evidence was released yesterday after fifteen years in jail. [NYT] • Both tabloids look at the State of the Union address through the eyes of Ceasar Borja Jr., the son of a WTC cop whom Hillary Clinton had flown to Washington. His father died of lung disease hours before Bush’s speech. [NYP, NYDN] • It’s not exactly the Oscars, but a consortium of community activists got to nominate the city’s worst landlords last night. The runaway winner: Adam Mermelstein of TreeTop Development, who used fake inspectors with prop badges and invalid eviction papers to harass his tenants. [NYDN] • Now this is a divorce case. Four children, $55 million in assets, $5 million in legal bills, and the heaviest dueling allegations in recent memory (kiddie porn and spousal rape versus drug addiction and mental disease). Welcome to Westport. [NYP] • And you know you love the Mets a little too much when they have to take out a restraining order against you. An 18-year-old Piazza fan was barred from Shea for three years after faking a press pass to get closer to his idol. [amNY]