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  1. language
    Why Do Corporations Speak the Way They Do?The pernicious spread of garbage language.
  2. Report: Trump Bashed Immigration From ‘Sh*thole’ Countries in Oval OfficeAnd said the U.S. should let in more people from places like Norway.
  3. language
    Trump’s New National Security Adviser Pans the Term ‘Radical Islamic Terrorism’H.R. McMaster reportedly said that the conservative catchphrase is unhelpful since Muslim terrorists are “un-Islamic.”
  4. This In-Ear Translator Could Let You to Talk to People Without Language BarriersIf this works, it could make foreign vacations a lot more fun.
  5. religion
    How Pope Francis Is Reclaiming the Meaning of ‘Pro-Life’The pontiff’s climate encyclical invoked the religious — and even radical — origins of a term that had become distorted by politics
  6. what’s in a name?
    For Future Reference, Fnu Lnu Is Not a Real PersonKTVU and NTSB, you’ve been warned.
  7. early and awkward
    President Obama Is Calling His Opponent ‘Mr. Romney’ NowNot “Governor Romney.”
  8. early and mangled
    It Takes the New Sarah Palin Approximately Ten Seconds to Coin a Palinism“Unfactual.”
  9. in other news
    ‘WSJ’ Teaches Kids New SlangThe Wall Street Journal reaches perhaps unprecedented levels of taxonomic analysis today with a page-one item about the emergence of “bucket” as a business term. Seems that, in the exec vernacular, “bucket” is now being used to describe company units, revenue sources, markets — in short, anything that can be grouped, categorized, or partitioned. It’s used as a verb (“to bucket” a guy is to assign him a place), as an adjective (“the investor is looking for something buckety,” as in big and solid), and pretty much as a substitute for any other word in the language. “Silo” is gone. “Block” is so nineties. It’s all about the bucket. Buckety bucket bucket! The clincher, however, is one of those famed WSJ dot drawings that accompanies the text. For what we suspect is the first time in the newspaper’s history, it depicts — we’ll let the caption speak for itself. Business Types Get a New Kick Out of the ‘Bucket’ [WSJ]
  10. in other news
    The Man in the Moon Is Feeling Gassy Do you “outgas” sometimes at inopportune moments? Have you been known to emit a “sigh” after a bean-filled meal? According to an odd blurb in today’s “Science Times,” the moon does both. That ball of cheese in the sky releases gas from time to time, says the paper of record, which tries to apply poetic whimsy to its report on a recent study published in Nature. The lunar body “shows signs of a relatively recent release of gas from deep beneath the surface,” says the article, headlined “The Moon Sighs.” (Why not “The Moon Breaks Wind”?) While flatulence is perhaps better attributed to outpourings from Titan (a moon of Saturn wrapped mostly in methane), the real reason, we suppose, to avoid the more direct language is that no gas leak in cold space, whether said to imitate the mouth or the anus, has any odor or sound. So even if the Gray Lady’s anthropomorphism of the moon could be excused, one truth remains. In space, no one can hear you fart. — Carl Rosen Spiders, Peppers, and a Pathway to Pain [NYT]