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  1. the system
    The Uprising That Ran OutThe death of Keenan Anderson marks the end of an era.
  2. policing
    When Cops Commit Property DamageThe LAPD’s detonation of a de facto bomb in a Los Angeles neighborhood highlights a different sort of police impunity.
  3. policing
    LAPD Is Falsely Labeling People As Gang Members. It’s Part of a Bigger Crisis.LAPD officers’ falsely labeling people as gang members reveals a bigger problem: It doesn’t take much to get yourself added to a gang database.
  4. democratic primaries
    Julián Castro Might Be a BelieverHis floundering campaign seems committed to advancing moral — but unpopular — issues. What’s the long game?
  5. Two LAPD Officers Charged With Committing Repeated Sexual Assaults While on DutyThe abuse continued over a period of five years.
  6. shootings
    L.A. Police Commission Clears Officers in Fatal Shooting of Homeless ManBystander video shows police shooting him six times during a scuffle.
  7. NYPD Considering New Effort to Investigate Police-Involved ShootingsIt would be modeled on a similar unit started by Bill Bratton in L.A.
  8. shootings
    Video Shows LAPD Fatally Shooting a Homeless ManOfficers are heard shouting “drop the gun” before firing five shots.
  9. lapd
    All LAPD Officers Are Getting Body Cameras“They’re a great step forward.”
  10. new york’s finest
    NYPD Officers to See What Their Los Angeles Counterparts Are Up ToPolice Commissioner is sending six officers to learn about how the LAPD uses force.
  11. crimes and misdemeanors
    Christopher Dorner Died From a Self-Inflicted Gunshot The autopsy is out.
  12. crimes and misdemeanors
    Chris Dorner Is Officially DeadDental records show the body in the cabin was his.
  13. crimes and misdemeanors
    The Search Is Off for Christopher Dorner, But Not for AnswersWhat happens to the reward, and how did that fire start?
  14. scary things
    LAPD Offers $1 Million Reward for Homicidal Ex-CopThey’ll also be on the lookout for him at tonight’s Grammys.
  15. scary things
    Burned-Out Truck, Package for Anderson Cooper Found in Hunt for Ex-LAPD OfficerBut there’s still no sign of Dorner.
  16. scary things
    LAPD Manhunt Suspect Left Insane ManifestoYikes.
  17. crimes and misdemeanors
    U.S. Open Tennis Referee Arrested for Killing Husband With Coffee Cup [Updated]Following an investigation by the LAPD.