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Laquan Mcdonald

  1. democratic primaries
    Pete Buttigieg’s Chicago Fundraiser Debacle Won’t Help Him With Black VotersHe needs black support for his new strategy: capturing Biden supporters if the former vice-president falters.
  2. black lives matter
    A Rare Measure of AccountabilityFour Chicago police officers have been fired for covering up the 2014 police killing of Laquan McDonald.
  3. criminal justice
    Jason Van Dyke and the Inadequacy of America’s Criminal-Justice SystemJason Van Dyke was sentenced to prison time for killing Laquan McDonald. But true accountability remains elusive.
  4. police shootings
    A Chicago Police Officer Will Actually Go to Jail for Murdering Laquan McDonaldDashcam video showed that officer Jason Van Dyke shot the 17-year-old 16 times as he was walking away. For once, that was enough.
  5. chicago
    Chicago Prosecutor Anita Alvarez OustedHer challenger won by a landslide.
  6. Chicago Police Have Been Sabotaging Their Dash CamsThey hid microphones, removed batteries, and bent antennae.
  7. police shootings
    Protests Erupt in Chicago Over Video of Cop Fatally Shooting Black Teen Officer Jason Van Dyke was charged with murder on Tuesday.