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Larry King Live

  1. 41
    Are the Elder Bushes Officially the Greatest Old People in the World?First they slam Sarah Palin, now they’re fawning over Obama and Clinton.
  2. larry king
    CNN Asks Larry King to Stay Longer So Piers Morgan Can Figure Out His VisaPermanent work visas are hard to get even for celebrities.
  3. larry king
    Larry King Will End His Nightly Show This Fall“Now it’s time to hang up my nightly suspenders.”
  4. david paterson
    Paterson: ‘Someone’ Is Out to Get MeCalls the situation “Kafkaesque.”
  5. haiti
    Anderson Cooper: ‘There’s Just Stupid Death Happening Here Now’“People will die tonight, in the next hour, who do not need to die.”
  6. in other news
    Ann Coulter Out-Behars Joy BeharThe conservative scribe plays the funny pundit better than TV’s main funny pundit.