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Larry Summers

  1. the national interest
    The Lessons of Last Year’s Larry Summers HatefestNow is the winter of our discontent, made glorious Summers.
  2. the intelligencer profile
    Was Larry Summers Right All Along?How the ultimate Establishment figure became the preeminent critic of the Biden era’s economic consensus.
  3. the national interest
    Maybe We Should Have Listened to Larry Summers’s Warnings About InflationHe likes Build Back Better!
  4. stimulus checks
    $2,000 Stimulus Checks Are Poorly Targeted and That’s FineThis isn’t the best way to spend $460 billion more on relief. But it’s the only way of doing it that Donald Trump supports.
  5. sports
    Larry Summers and Stuart Weitzman Are Playing Ping-Pong in the Jewish OlympicsCompetitors in 43 sports from 80 countries have gathered in Tel Aviv for the Maccabiah Games.
  6. Frank Rich on the National Circus: America Is Soft on Domestic TerrorismMass shooters are the equivalent of homegrown suicide bombers.
  7. summers of our discontent
    Was Larry Summers’s Fed Flop the End of America’s Most Powerful Economic Clique?The Rubinites stare into the abyss.
  8. the national interest
    How Larry Summers Paid for Obama’s SinsThe liberal revolt that won.
  9. the national interest
    Fear of a Female Fed ChiefThe only thing worse than rampant Obama inflation is rampant feminazi Obama inflation.
  10. fed up
    The Fed Chairmanship Race Is a Bad Romantic ComedyPresident Obama has to choose between the charismatic jerk and the quiet hero.
  11. the national interest
    Why Left and Right Economics Can’t Just AgreeHere’s why you failed, Adam Davidson.
  12. confidence men
    White House Seeks to Undermine Suskind’s ‘Ineffectual Obama’ Book’Confidence Men,’ out Tuesday, reveals serious infighting in the White House.
  13. early and often
    Obama’s Economic Quagmire: Frank Rich and Adam Moss Talk About What’s Really in Ron Suskind’s Revealing New Book About the White House’Confidence Men’ details how Tim Geithner, Larry Summers, and Rahm Emanuel burned the president in the first two years of his term.
  14. mortgage mess
    If You Owe More on Your House Than It’s Worth (and Live in Ireland), You May Be in LuckGovernment there plans to pay off some mortgage debt … should we do the same?
  15. double trouble
    The Winklevii Will Not Take Larry Summers Sitting DownLiterally, they hate it when he won’t get up.
  16. bons mots
    ‘Rarely Have I Encountered Such Swagger, and I Tried to Respond in Kind’Larry Summers on the Winkelvii.
  17. the revolving door
    Larry Summers Heads to Bermuda to Hobnob With Hedge FundersObama’s recently departed economic aide isn’t wasting any time getting back into the swing of things.
  18. white house the new class
    Volcker Steps Down As Obama Overhauls His Economic TeamThe president is also expected to name Larry Summers’s replacement.
  19. summering
    Larry Summers Charms Them on the Way OutNah, just kidding.
  20. cable news
    Talk Box: Sorry, Dems, Obama’s Daily Show Stint Wasn’t About Helping YouSome TV pundits see the appearance as an early start to Team Obama’s 2012 campaign.
  21. the two most important people in the world
    Stewart and Obama: The Ambiguously Earnest DuoBarack Obama and Jon Stewart haggle over the meaning of “change you can believe in.”
  22. what other people think
    Who Should Replace Larry Summers?A CEO? Anyone except a CEO?
  23. comings and goings
    Larry Summers Will Have Time to Catch Up on Sleep After the ElectionHe’ll step down after the midterm election.
  24. car talk
    Larry Summers Explains the Auto Bailout With Crazy Vietnam AnalogiesA White House tell-all reveals that the people who run the country have big egos.
  25. departures
    Report: Top Obama Economic Adviser to Resign (Updated)Christina Romer “frustrated” with Larry Summers’s “direct line” to Obama.
  26. early and often
    Newsweek Columnist Alter’s White House Book Details Obama on ‘Teabaggers,’ Rahm’s Rage, Summers’s Nickname’New York’ obtained an advance copy of ‘The Promise,’ a chronicle of Obama’s first year, which will be released in May.
  27. i know you are but what am i
    Larry Summers Takes Umbrage at Being Called a ‘Little Punk’ by John BoehnerFirst of all, he is not little! He is an economic adviser to the President of the United States!
  28. scoldings
    Obama Rips ‘Fat Cat Bankers’“Some people on Wall Street still don’t get it.”
  29. the greatest depression
    Larry Summers Says the Recession is OverApparently “everyone agrees.”
  30. early and awesome
    The Obama Administration Is Just Full of ‘Sons of Bitches’What? That’s how they talk.
  31. early and awesome
    Treasury Secretary Was Aggressive With RegulatorsPassive aggressive.
  32. big-time lapses of judgment
    Geithner Loses ItThe Treasury secretary lets loose on FDIC head Sheila Bair and SEC head Mary Shapiro with an “expletive-riddled” rant.
  33. the greatest depression
    Treasury to Remain DepressedThey’re canceling their humor workshop because people made fun of them. That’s the spirit.
  34. the greatest depression
    The Treasury Department Needs Someone to Teach Them How to Laugh AgainOut of work? Able to make public debt hilarious? The Treasury has a job for you!
  35. let’s get metaphysical
    Barney Frank: ‘There Is Only Obama’He is everywhere! He is all around you! In the Earth and the trees and the oxygen that you breathe!
  36. white men with money
    Underneath Lloyd Blankfein’s Veneer of Sarcasm Is a Heart of GlassThe Goldman Sachs CEO sasses because he hurts.
  37. early and awesome
    Tim Geithner and Larry Summers Are Still Best FriendsGeithner keeps his mentor happy with a combination of Shamu techniques and sugar.
  38. in other news
    So Who Made the Most of Last Night’s NBC White House Special?Let’s stack it up.
  39. early and awesome
    Larry Summers Is Counting On Geithner to Nudge Him If There’s a HurricaneObama’s economic adviser is reserving his brain power for more important stuff.
  40. gossipmonger
    Katherine Heigl Has Gone Too FarThe ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ star is asking for more money than Julia Roberts and Anne Hathaway on her new film.
  41. early and awesome
    Five Things We Learned From the New Yorker Profile of Peter OrszagObama’s budget director reveals information about the inner workings of Obama’s brain trust.
  42. photo op
    Larry Summers Falls Asleep, AgainBut it was at a meeting about credit cards. Can you blame him?
  43. the greatest depression
    Government Seeks to Make Banks Less Profitable As It Acquires Large Stake in ThemThe administration has a confusing new plan for the bailout funds.
  44. early and awesome
    Larry Summers, ‘the Brangelina of Finance’We’ll buy it.
  45. early and awesome
    Larry Summers, This Concerns YouLARRY! HEY!
  46. early and often
    The Economic Team That Will Save America!We hope.
  47. obama administration
    Obama Introduces Cabinet, Discusses Focus on ‘Strong Main Street’A thriving middle class, the president-elect said, will be key to his economic recovery plan.
  48. election hair of the dog
    Obama to Roll Out Economic Team and Plans TodayHe may keep the Bush tax cuts until 2010, he’ll probably expand his recovery plan, and he wants it all on day one.
  49. early and often
    Larry Summers’s Baggage Weighed Against His ExpertiseShould past controversies matter in picking a Treasury Secretary?
  50. election hangover
    Treasury Secretary Hunt Pits Student Against MasterOld friends Larry Summers and Tim Geithner are both on Obama’s short list for Treasury Secretary.