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Latino Voters

  1. on with kara swisher
    Ruben Gallego on What Democrats Can Learn From ArizonaKara Swisher talks to the Senate candidate about Latino outreach, avoiding the “exploitation wedge,” and taking on Kyrsten Sinema and Kari Lake.
  2. vision 2020
    New Data Shows How Biden Won, Where Trump Gained in 2020A Pew analysis shows that Biden’s suburban boom was real, the gender gap shrank, and Trump’s boost among Latinos was larger than previously known.
  3. 2022 midterms
    Will Young and Minority Voters Save Democrats in 2022?With or without some help from Donald Trump, Democrats need to keep the voters who surged to the polls in 2018 and 2020 engaged.
  4. vision 2020
    No One Group of Voters Will Determine Trump’s FateWinning or losing a voter group is often less important than the margins, where a vote’s a vote–except in the Electoral College.
  5. latino voters
    Donald Trump’s GOP Is Surprisingly Good at Minority OutreachThe president’s overt bigotry hasn’t prevented down-ballot Republicans from making inroads with black and Latino voters.
  6. Trump Sues Nevada for Letting Too Many Latinos Vote. The Judge Was Not Pleased.Trump claimed that early-voting hours were unlawfully extended at a Mexican grocery store, and wanted to learn the names of the poll workers involved.
  7. Trump Is Back on Message — and That Message Is As Vile As It’s Ever BeenTrump ends his campaign by casting Somali refugees in Minnesota — and Latino voters in Nevada — as America’s true enemies.
  8. Latino Turnout Is Surging in Early Voting Across Battleground StatesAnd the spike appears to be fueled by low-propensity voters, whom pollsters weren’t counting on. For Trump, that could mean doom.
  9. GOP Megadonor Pledges $2 Million to Help Latino Voters Defeat TrumpMike Fernandez was a lifelong Republican. Now he’s donating to Latino voter-registration efforts in Florida, to help defeat the party’s 2016 nominee.
  10. Donald Trump Now Underwater With the ‘Hispanic Trump Surrogates’ DemographicAfter the GOP nominee’s incendiary speech on immigration, Hispanic Trump surrogates consider resigning from his campaign.
  11. Donald Trump Is Making Hispanic Americans Register to Vote AgainOne lasting legacy of Trump’s run could be a spike in Latino Americans’ political engagement.
  12. 2012
    Heilemann: Harsh Realities for the GOPIf Republicans continue to lose Latino voters, the GOP will become “an extinct party.”
  13. politics
    Frank Rich on Maddow: GOP Changing Its Tune on Latino VotersWhat you won’t hear in the next election.
  14. latino voters
    Obama Targets Disillusioned Hispanic Voters en EspañolObama campaign attacks in battle for Latino voters.
  15. early and awful
    Who’s Behind the Ad Telling Latino Voters Not to Vote?Robert de Posada, the ad’s creator, has clocked some serious time with the GOP.