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Lauren Boebert

  1. politics
    Paul Gosar, the MAGA Dentist, Promotes Fluoride Conspiracy TheoriesThe Arizona representative once crusaded for the fluoridation of public water. Now, he’s peddling debunked claims about its dangers.
  2. state of the union address
    Lauren Boebert Makes ‘You Lie’ Heckle Seem QuaintIn a new State of the Union low, the far-right representative shouted at President Biden as he was discussing his son Beau’s death.
  3. politics
    QAnon Booster Marjorie Greene Continues March Toward CongressIt’s hard to be too extreme in pockets of red America like Georgia’s 14th District, where Greene just won the Republican primary.
  4. politics
    Another QAnon Sympathizer Knocks Off GOP Congressman in Colorado PrimaryDespite a Trump endorsement, Scott Tipton was no match for the owner of a gun-themed restaurant called Shooters Grill who defied public-health orders.