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Laurie Anderson

  1. encounter
    Making House Calls With NY’s Musical Dog TrainerWeiss believes dogs find music soothing and has trained her own briards, Cosi and Petzi, to play piano with their paws and noses.
  2. scary things
    Laurie Anderson Briefly Trapped in a Hyperbaric ChamberIt sounds like it was unpleasant. 
  3. 21 questions
    Laurie Anderson Gives McDonald’s Coupons to Homeless People(Mostly women.)
  4. party lines
    At Kitchen Gala, Seeking Baking SuppliesThe Kitchen is a forward- thinking arts center in Chelsea, and yet it somehow manages each year to wrangle avant- garde musicians, performance artists, and all manner of downtown freak to a stately, 10021-style benefit gala. At this year’s installment, held this week, the main honoree was experimental-music star Laurie Anderson (it’s her 60th birthday), and serenading her from the stage were several next- generation stars not terribly accustomed to playing over the sound of scraping knives and clinking glasses. Each coped in his own way.