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  1. laws
    Who Really Gets to Drink Outside in New York?There are no alfresco dinner parties in the projects.
  2. New York Lawmakers Want Tide Pods to Look Less DeliciousThe proposal by two New York City Democrats calls on Procter & Gamble to individually wrap Tide Pods and make them one uniform color.
  3. Kid Rock’s Demand for Extreme Government Simplicity Is Not So SimpleSometimes government is complicated because life is complicated, and sometimes compromise requires policies that just aren’t so simple.
  4. Now You Can Spend All of Eternity With Your PetGovernor Cuomo signed a law today that allows people to be buried with their pet’s cremains.
  5. 3-D-Printed Guns Will Soon Require a Background Check in CaliforniaThe law took two years to pass.
  6. Federal Court Rules That Password Sharing Is Illegal Under Insane Ancient LawA law written in 1986 is still being used to prosecute normal computer usage.
  7. death with dignity
    California Becomes Fifth State to Adopt ‘Right-to-Die’ LawGovernor Jerry Brown signed the controversial legislation Monday.
  8. Is There an Amtrak Cat Café Car in Your Future?These legislators really want to bring their pets on the Acela Express.
  9. stoners
    The Justice Department Is Not Okay With California Smoking WeedIt intends to enforce federal law even if California legalizes marijuana.
  10. land of the free
    Buried Muslims Threaten Upstate New York TownSidney, New York, wants the Muslims to exhume their cemetery’s bodies.