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  1. ESPN Axes Around 100 Employees, On-air Talent IncludedThe worldwide leader is cutting jobs as it loses subscribers and pays more for broadcasting rights.
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    Twitter Planning Layoffs After Failing to Find a BuyerThe company is reportedly looking to let go of 8 percent of its workforce.
  3. Yahoo Searched for Ways to Cut Costs — Layoffs Were the Top ResultThat search engine you sometimes use by accident just fired a bunch of people at digital magazines you don’t read.
  4. Gawker Media Lays Off Employees As Flagship Site Shifts Focus to PoliticsThe pioneering site is reportedly abandoning its Kinja platform, along with many of its employees.
  5. GQ Is the First Victim of Condé Nast Budget CutsLayoffs hit the men’s magazine Friday, and apparently Glamour is next.
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    CNN Cutting 300 Jobs As Turner Eliminates 10 Percent of StaffLayoffs and buyouts under president Jeff Zucker, and beyond.
  7. layoffs
    Turner Announces Voluntary Buyouts, Eventual LayoffsAccording to a report from CNN.
  8. ink-stained wretches
    Hundreds of Layoffs Hit Time Inc. at All LevelsExecutives on down are getting pink slips.
  9. ink-stained wretches
    Martha Stewart Reportedly Laying Off 100 EmployeesJust in time for Christmas, in case you did not notice.
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    Bloomberg News Laying Off DozensTechnology, arts, and sports coverage is being cut down.
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    Village Voice Continues to Shed Veteran WritersInvestigative reporter Graham Rayman wrote “The NYPD Tapes.”
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    The Daily Beast Officially Sheds Newsweek, Lays Off 20Still roaring.
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    Profitable ESPN Cites Higher Game Fees in Cutting 300-400 JobsThe network will lay some people off and leave some positions unfilled.
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    MarketWatch Gets In on Unfortunate Media Layoff TrendSome veteran employees were let go today.
  15. layoffs
    Layoffs Could Hit Time Inc. Staff This WeekA lot of them.
  16. ink-stained wretches
    Robin Givhan Among Layoffs at NewsweekSome of the company’s biggest names have been affected by the restructuring.
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    Layoffs Hit Rupert Murdoch’s The DailyThe iPad newspaper is firing 50 of its 170 employees.
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    GOOD Magazine Lays Off Staff, Keeps Their LikenessAwkward.
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    Hewlett-Packard Earnings Drop, 27,000 Layoffs ComingThe company will trim about 8 percent of its workforce over two years.
  20. ink-stained wretches
    New York Times Co. Cuts 50 Business-Side JobsThe layoffs spared the newsroom this time.
  21. pink slips
    Bank of America Planning 2,000 Jobs Cuts From Investment UnitsAn effort to balance costs and revenue.
  22. technology
    Dear Yahoos, You’re FiredThe embattled Internet company is laying off 14 percent of its workforce today.
  23. r-money
    Mitt Romney Makes Layoff Joke, Hopes Humans Will LaughResults from humor scan: negative.
  24. layoffs
    Citigroup to Cut 4,500 JobsThe year’s finance total: 200,000 and rising.
  25. not too big to fail
    MF Global Lays Off 1,066 EmployeesBankruptcy is rough.
  26. ink-stained wretches
    Daily News Lays Off VeteransThe tabloid is “downsizing.”
  27. white men with money
    There Might Be 10,000 More People Out of Work on Wall StreetBy the end of the year.
  28. the third terminator
    The City Is Firing Those 700 School Employees TodayAnd then some.
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    Slate Also Lays Off Book Editor and Wine ColumnistThe ax really fell hard today.
  30. the third terminator
    Bloomberg Going Through With Education Layoffs777 school employees are out of a job.
  31. cuomolot
    Cuomo’s Union Victory: Won With Open Arms(And a stick in his back pocket.)
  32. laying off the layoffs
    Remember Those 4,100 Teachers Who Were Going to Be Laid Off?As expected, they won’t be.
  33. ink-stained wretches
    Gannett to Lay Off 700 EmployeesThe newspaper company continues to experience an ad slump.
  34. layoffs
    Is AOL Attempting to Skirt Employee Protection Laws?Possibly yes.
  35. aolington post
    Lots of Changes at the AOLington Post: Most Important, New Nap CouchesYay! Naps!
  36. cuomolot
    Can Andrew Cuomo Lay Off More State Workers Than His Dad?Not that it’s a contest! Right?
  37. the future is coming
    Tomorrow, MySpace Will Lay Off 550 to 600 EmployeesIt’s the final countdown.
  38. yahooligans
    Yahoo Might Lay Off 5 Percent of Its Workforce TodayHappy holidays.
  39. blog-stained wretches
    After Alienating Users With Its Redesign, Digg Lays Off 37 Percent of Its StaffA second round of layoffs for Digg.
  40. the season of the witch
    Wall Street’s Scary SeasonLayoffs abound in the financial-services sector.
  41. stand clear of the closing doors
    Hundreds of MTA Workers Will Not Be Celebrating on July 4 This YearLayoffs are imminent.
  42. in other news
    Huge Cutbacks at ABC SubsidingOver 300 lost employees later, the massacre has ended.
  43. ink-stained wretches
    Before Redesign, More Cuts at Business WeekThirty people are expected to be laid off.
  44. stand clear of the closing doors
    MTA to Lay Off Hundreds of EmployeesCuts will save MTA about $50 million.
  45. ink-stained wretches
    Times Newsroom Cuts, Just 26 to GoThere’s still time to ruin somebody’s Hanukkah!
  46. corporate diets
    AOL to Cut One-Third of WorkforceNow that they’ve spun off from Time Warner, the Internet giant is slimming down.
  47. media deathwatch
    Condé Nast Layoffs Reach GQ, Vanity Fair [Updated]“They said they couldn’t handle laying off everybody all at once. So every magazine has a scheduled day.”
  48. Condé Nast Cost-Cuts ReceptionistsBut who will guard the pearly gates? Who will answer the published phone numbers?
  49. media deathwatch
    Layoffs at SpinThe tiny staff just got even tinier.
  50. the greatest depression
    Major Layoffs at ViacomSorry, ‘cost-saving initiatives.’
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