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  1. twitter
    Who Leaked Twitter’s Source Code?The company reportedly thinks the leak, posted to GitHub under the name “FreeSpeechEnthusiast,” came from one of its many former employees.
  2. pandora papers
    New Leak Exposes Massive Trove of Offshore Wealth DocumentsThe Pandora Papers expose the secret assets of 35 current and former heads of state, and many others among the world’s wealthy elite.
  3. politics
    Unsurprisingly, Trump Is a Polygraph GuyThe scientifically challenged president is reportedly a fan of the junk science of lie-detector tests and hoped to use them to find White House leaks.
  4. james comey
    Justice Department Report: Comey Broke Rules With LeaksThe report also notes that the department declined to prosecute Comey, which won’t keep Trump from claiming vindication for his witch-hunt charges.
  5. white house
    What We Learned From Leaked Trump Transition Vetting DocumentsMany would-be appointees had “red flags,” but they were hired anyway.
  6. life in pixels
    Does Facebook Have a Leaks Problem?Facebook employees are increasingly talkative and increasingly polarized — and a lot of them have access to private user data.
  7. reality winner
    NSA Leaker Reality Winner Sentenced to 63 Months in PrisonIt’s the longest sentence ever given for leaking government secrets to the media.
  8. Trump Wants Suspense Before Another Reality-Show SCOTUS RevealThe White House deployed some misdirection before the Gorsuch announcement, and that could happen again leading up to the big announcement.
  9. select all
    NSA Leaker Reality Winner Pleads Guilty, Faces 5 Years in PrisonWinner is one of the first people prosecuted for leaking by the Trump administration.
  10. Justice Department Seizes New York Times Reporter’s Records in Leak ProbeA former Senate Intelligence Committee staffer has been indicted for lying to FBI agents about his contacts with three reporters.
  11. departures
    Trump Aide Who Mocked ‘Dying’ McCain Is Out — But White House Still Isn’t SorryKelly Sadler might have been fired over an internal fight about the McCain leak, but she isn’t being punished for the joke itself.
  12. Report: Trump Bragged to Wealthy Donors About Classified Syria BattleAt a Manhattan fundraiser, Trump bragged about a U.S. assault on Russian mercenaries that he said could have killed as many as 300 people.
  13. Leaks Suggest White House Plan to Purge Leakers Won’t Go As PlannedAccording to the latest White House leak, John Kelly now claims an aide’s quip about John McCain dying was a factual statement, not a joke.
  14. An Anti-Leak Squad Patrols the White House in Search of Staffers’ Secret PhonesTo combat leaks, Trump has banned personal phones from the White House — and formed a special security unit to enforce the prohibition.
  15. Donald Trump Jr. Requests Inquiry Into Intelligence Committee LeaksHis attorney sent a letter to the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence today.
  16. select all
    Sweden Accidentally Leaks the Sensitive Info of Basically All Its CitizensHow do you say “Oops!” in Swedish?
  17. White House Infighting in Overdrive Following Latest Russia Controversy: ReportsLeakers say Trump has soured on his lawyer, who’s fed up with Kushner, who may be out to get Don Jr. — and everyone wants to fire Reince Priebus.
  18. select all
    Inside Apple’s Anti-Leak Strike ForceAn Apple presentation about preventing leaks was leaked to the press.
  19. Alleged Russia-Hacking-Report Leaker Reality Winner to Plead Not GuiltyShe’s hoping to be released on bond, but her family said they’re worried the Trump administration will make an example of her.
  20. select all
    Did the Intercept Betray Its NSA Source?How, exactly, did the FBI zero in on alleged NSA leaker Reality Leigh Winner?
  21. What We Know About Alleged Russia-Hacking-Report Leaker Reality WinnerThe intelligence contractor, a 25-year-old Air Force veteran, is accused of mailing a classified report on Russia’s election meddling to a reporter.
  22. Trump Is Using a Nixon Tactic to Shore Up Conservative Support in a CrisisNixon got his base to rally behind him in early stages of Watergate. Will the same trick work for Trump?
  23. At Comey Hearing, GOP Goes Into Full Anti-Anti-Trump ModeThe argument of the day seemed to be that “deep state” leaks are a bigger threat to liberty than Russia’s election meddling.
  24. leaks
    White House Staffers Leak News of Spicer’s ‘Phone Check’ Targeting LeaksHe made them surrender their electronic devices for a surprise search, then warned them not to tell the press.
  25. 10 Things We Learned at President Trump’s First Solo Press ConferenceHighlights from the president’s 77-minute tirade about how dishonest the media is — and how racist he isn’t.
  26. Trump’s Aides Leak Embarrassing Story About How He Can’t Handle EmbarrassmentThree days in, and the president is consumed by rage, while his staffers are consumed by infighting. And reporters are hearing all about it.
  27. Chelsea Manning and the False Logic of Harsh Prison SentencesThe idea that shorter periods of incarceration encourage crime is the myth that fuels the American prison state.
  28. Here’s a Liveblog of the Trump Presser and Tillerson and Sessions HearingsThe GOP designed today to have too much news — and that was before someone leaked a memo about how Russia has “compromised” the president-elect.
  29. leaks
    Massive Document Leak Reveals the Hidden Offshore Wealth of the World’s EliteThe shadowy offshore financial dealings of world leaders such as Vladimir Putin and many other politicians, public officials, and celebrities have now been exposed.
  30. Indian Point Leaked (a Non-Dangerous Amount of) Tritium Into the GroundwaterNothing to see here.
  31. he said he said
    Snowden Says He Reported Concerns to More Than 10 NSA Officials FirstTo “more than 10 distinct officials,” no less.
  32. leaks
    Snowden Was Nearly 2013’s Most Fascinating PersonHe is slightly more important than Kimye.
  33. crimes and misdemeanors
    Ex-FBI Agent Guilty of Leaking and Child PornTough.
  34. spy games
    Commercial Internet Encryption No Match for the NSA, It Turns OutThey’ve been breaking codes for years now.
  35. spy games
    Obama’s ‘Favorite General’ May Be the Latest LeakerHe’s the target of a Justice Department investigation.
  36. spy games
    CIA Is Working to Stop Leaks, According to Leaked MemoBrennan wants to “reinforce our corporate culture of secrecy.”
  37. state secrets
    Edward Snowden’s Hong Kong ProblemWhere can the leaker hide?
  38. Eric Holder Once Ordered Investigation of Reporting He Now Wants to DefendThe Attorney General’s relationship with the media gets murkier.
  39. scary things
    Obama Administration’s War on Leakers Includes Reading Fox News’s E-mailsNot good for press freedom!
  40. stuck in the mittle
    Who Filmed and Leaked the Mitt Romney Fund-raiser Video? [Updated]A few clues.
  41. fbi
    FBI Training Material Says ‘Mainstream’ Muslims Are Mostly Terrorist Sympathizers’Wired’ has obtained some questionable lesson plans.
  42. are you there google? it’s me margaret
    Google Fires Employee Hours After He/She Leaked MemoNot a good move, Xoogler.
  43. early and often
    The ‘S.S. Obama’ Springs Leaks, Takes on DramaIt’s not all Clinton’s fault … but it mostly is.