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  1. lebanon
    Hundreds of Thousands Displaced by Beirut ExplosionPrime Minister Diab announced an investigation into the blast that killed at least 135, which appeared to be caused by a store of ammonium nitrate.
  2. global protest wave
    What the Hell Is Happening in Lebanon? 4 Protesters on Why They Are Rebelling“I’d watch politicians fight with each other on TV, then drop them off at nice restaurants and see them drink and laugh together.”
  3. international affairs
    Everything You Need to Know About the Global Protest WaveFrom Lebanon to Chile, demonstrators are taking to the streets to demand changes from their governments.
  4. Lebanese PM: I’m Not Being Held Captive by Saudi ArabiaThis is not likely to clear up people’s questions.
  5. Israeli Vulture Detained on Charges of EspionageAn Israeli vulture drifted into Lebanese airspace Tuesday.
  6. The Men Making Captagon, the Drug Fueling ISIS “Everything daesh does is because of this pill.”
  7. Lebanon Arrests 11 People Linked to Beirut AttacksISIS claimed responsibility for the bloodbath in a suburban shopping center that killed more than 40. 
  8. This Lebanese Village Is Under Attack by ISISResidents of Ras Baalbek are hanging their hopes on the Iranian-backed Hezbollah to save them.
  9. international intrigue
    Two Israeli Soldiers Killed by Hezbollah FireAfter an Israeli strike killed its fighters this month.
  10. international intrigue
    Lebanon Would Like Syria to Please Stop Sending Refugees AlreadyPlease.
  11. islamic state watch
    ISIS Leader’s Wife Tried to Move to Lebanon on a Fake PassportCan you blame her for wanting a vacation from Syria?
  12. Beirut Cops Can’t Tell Hipsters From JihadisIt’s the beards.
  13. islamic state watch
    The Latest Viral ‘Challenge’ Is ISIS Flag-BurningAlas, it involves burning the shahada, so Lebanon is not pleased. 
  14. hezbollah
    Hezbollah’s Prime Minister Pick to Form New Lebanon GovernmentMiqati claims to be a consensus candidate.
  15. intel
    Something Made the ‘Post’ Think of IsraelThe ‘Post’ picks a funny place to put a teaser for their coverage of Israel’s 60th anniversary.
  16. company town
    Lies and the Lying Arabs Who Tell ThemMEDIA • The New Republic pulled back on its long-embattled “Baghdad Diarist” series, admitting they could no longer stand behind the author, an army private serving in Iraq. Meanwhile, The National Review suffered its own Middle Eastern credibility scandal and struck back in a novel way: “As one of our sources put it: ‘The Arab tendency to lie and exaggerate about enemies is alive and well among pro-American Lebanese Christians as much as it is with the likes of Hamas.’” Yikes. [NYT Mixed Media/Portfolio] • Big layoffs ahead at NBC News? “There are going to be firings very soon — everybody is terrified,” according to a “former network insider,” who claims tens of millions in cuts will happen in the next two weeks. [Jossip] • New NBC programming honcho Ben Silverman is looking to clear up a conflict of interest and cash in on his old production company, which Elisabeth Murdoch, daughter to Rupe, is buying for around $200 million. Not bad for a guy who built his career on stealing foreign shows like The Office and Ugly Betty and then repackaging them for the U.S.[NYP]