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Legal System

  1. Undocumented Teen’s Abortion Is a Constitutional Hellhole for TrumpThe rights and lives of undocumented immigrants only seem to matter to the Trump administration when a teenage girl wants an abortion.
  2. The Sanctuary-Cities Executive Order Is Trump’s Next Legal Train WreckIssued two days before the travel ban and now facing a lawsuit, its constitutional flaws appear to be catastrophic.
  3. travel ban
    What’s Next in the Legal Battle Over the Travel Ban?The Trump administration is vowing to do everything in its legal power to reinstate the ban. Here’s how that will play out.
  4. sex offenders
    Judges Are Starting to Question Overzealous Sex-Offender LawsA key ruling in Michigan suggests that evidence, rather than panic, is starting to win out.
  5. early and often
    Candidates for Manhattan D.A. Breathlessly Await Times EndorsementWho annoys the editorial board the least?