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Leon Panetta

  1. John Lindsay’s Best and Brightest Recall HimThe aristocratic mayor with the common touch.
  2. osama bin killed
    Panetta Angry Over SEAL’s New Literary CareerOwen makes it to the best-seller list; the defense secretary still isn’t impressed.
  3. scandals
    U.S. Marines Also Had a Disgraceful Fight With a ProstituteThe Secret Service scandal is dredging up some ugly realities.
  4. international intrigue
    Iran Is Being RudeThey haven’t thanked the United States for rescuing Iranian sailors who had been kidnapped by pirates.
  5. osama bin killed
    The Real Reason the C.I.A. Stepped Up the Osama Bin Laden MissionCheers!
  6. war on terror
    Leon Panetta Won Republicans Over With Sass, DronesLiberal dove turns hawk favorite.
  7. revolt like an egyptian
    Muammar Qaddafi’s Days: Still NumberedThe Obama administration might want to stop saying this.
  8. defeat terrorism? you betcha!
    Leon Panetta: ‘U.S. Within Reach of Defeating Al Qaeda’“Is it going to take some more work? You bet it is!”
  9. photo op
    Leon Panetta Is the Defense Secretary NowHe got a new door plaque.
  10. osama bin killed
    President Obama Decides Not to Release Any Bin Laden Photos [Updated]Did he overrule his CIA chief?
  11. osama bin killed
    Was Bin Laden’s Capture Then Death a Straight-Up Execution?Obama: “After a firefight, they killed Osama bin Laden and took custody of his body.”
  12. white house the new class
    Obama’s National-Security Picks Cross the Line Between Spy and SoldierTime was, you could distinguish the two.
  13. white house the new class
    Shake-up in National Security: Panetta Is Obama’s New Defense Secretary, Petraeus Will Direct CIABig changes surround the make-or-break year for the war in Afghanistan.
  14. white house the new class
    Petraeus Being ‘Seriously Considered’ for CIA DirectorHis “King David” reputation may have preceded him.
  15. secrets of the white house
    White House Prepares for Life After RahmWho will replace him as chief of staff?
  16. scary things
    So Did Cheney’s Secret Death Squads Kill, or No? [Updated]Are the secret CIA teams we’re hearing about today the same as the Special Ops teams Seymour Hersh mentioned back in March?
  17. early and often
    The Obama Administration Pretty Much Has to Look Into Ugly Bush Anti-Terror Policies NowDespite hopes that they could focus on domestic issues like health care, Team O is being forced to look at controversial security tactics from the previous administration after recent revelations.
  18. early and often
    CIA to Congress: Oh, No, Yeah, We’ve Been Lying to You. Definitely. Yup.That’s comforting.
  19. today in torture
    Khalid Sheikh Mohammed Says He Lied Under Enhanced InterrogationsBut was he lying about lying?
  20. early and often
    On CIA Pick, Obama Is So Far Outside the Box, He Can’t Even See the BoxIf you thought Obama would pick a spook for the head of the CIA, well, you don’t know Obama.