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Leon Wieseltier

  1. the disrupted
    Leon Wieseltier Teaming Up With Steve Jobs WidowIt will be a journal focusing on how technology affects our lives. 
  2. ink-stained wretches
    The New Republic Turned 100, Acts Its AgeEditor Frank Foer summed it up: “A life of argument can be exhausting.”
  3. twitterphobia
    A Lot of Old and New Media Types Went Crazy About Twitter This MonthSusan Orlean! George Packer! Nick Bilton! Leon Whatsisname!
  4. blogfights!
    Leon Wieseltier Calls Andrew Sullivan an Anti-Semite, Again and Again, AgainThis is, in fact, getting “tedious.”
  5. feuds
    Wieseltier Takes Podhoretz to TaskIn his new book, Jewish Neocon Norman Podhoretz asks, “Why Are Jews Liberals?” Leon Wieseltier of ‘The New Republic’ wagers an answer.