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  1. vision 2020
    Qualifiers for the First 2020 Democratic Primary Debates AnnouncedThe roster shows the number of candidates qualifying equaling the DNC’s cap of 20. Steve Bullock is unhappy with his exclusion.
  2. Hillary’s Hand Gestures Are the Right-Wing Conspiracy Theory Du JourShe was telling Lester Holt to let her in for a zinger, the theory goes.
  3. What Lester Holt Got Wrong About Stop-and-Frisk in the Presidential DebateThe tactic is constitutional, but its use in New York might not have been.
  4. Trump Complained That Lester Holt Is a Democrat, But He Is Actually a RepublicanTrump said the debate system was “very unfair” because the moderator of the first debate is a Democrat. But that moderator is a registered Republican.
  5. media
    Lester Holt Is Still Friends With Brian WilliamsThe new NBC Nightly News anchor broke his silence about the scandal.
  6. media
    Lester Holt Is Probably Replacing Brian Williams for GoodSources say it’s still unclear if BriWi will remain at NBC.