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Let’s Get Civical

  1. equal rites
    By the Way, New York City Gay Couples, You Can Register to Marry TodayBut you may have to pick who is the “bride” and who is the “groom.”
  2. let’s get civical
    Mayor Bloomberg Sports Cameltoe in PublicDuring the Inner Circle dinner, Hizzoner spoofed ‘Spider-Man’ and ‘Mamma Mia!’
  3. let’s get civical
    Deputy Mayor Howard Wolfson Defends Bike LanesAn article in this week’s ‘New York’ has his spokes in a twist.
  4. i don’t believe in peter pan frankenstein or superman
    Breaking: City Residents Interacting Poorly With Bike LanesIt’s as if they don’t want to give up part of the road to cyclists!
  5. let’s get civical
    Bloomberg Warming Up to Beach and Park Smoking BanHe may move forward with the idea, originally proposed by his Health Commissioner.
  6. let’s get civical
    Bloomberg Wants His Very Own ‘Ring of Steel’Somebody will soon be watching you.
  7. let’s get civical
    Deputy Mayor Ed Skyler to CitigroupHopefully by the time he gets to the bank, the government will no longer own a quarter of it.
  8. let’s get civical
    Alan Van Capelle Leaving Empire State Pride AgendaThe gay advocate will join the city comptroller’s office.
  9. let’s get civical
    Miguel Martinez Sentenced to Five Years in Prison“If I could change time, I would do things differently.”
  10. let’s get civical
    Crawl of Eminent Domain Across the City Stops in ManhattanvilleColumbia University’s expansion plans in Upper Manhattan have hit a snag after a court ruled against their right to take over new land.
  11. let’s get civical
    Is the NYPD ‘Ring of Steel’ Effective? And Is It Worth the Cost to Privacy?We take a peek at the newest security initiative in New York: a network of cameras in midtown watching your every move.
  12. let’s get civical
    City Health Commissioner: No Smoking in Public Parks or BeachesCamel say wha … ?
  13. let’s get civical
    If You Are Reading Daily Intel on Your BlackBerry While Driving Right Now, Please StopIt’s for your own good!
  14. let’s get civical
    Would Making Crosstown Buses Free Really Make Them Faster?That’s what Mayor Bloomberg thinks.
  15. let’s get civical
    NYC So Safe It Doesn’t Merit Federal Cop FundingWait a minute here.
  16. let’s get civical
    Miguel Martinez Pleads GuiltyThe disgraced city councilman admitted to pocketing $106,000 in funds earmarked for charities.
  17. let’s get civical
    First City Councilman Resigns Over Nonprofit Funding ProbeMiguel Martinez, who is expected to be charged in the coming weeks, stepped down today.
  18. let’s get civical
    Diane Von Furstenberg and Barry Diller Give $10 Million Challenge Gift to High LineThe couple adds a bundle to their already-generous donations to the new park.
  19. let’s get civical
    Deputy Mayor Skyler Doesn’t Just Have a Star Wars NameHe loves the movie franchise, too!
  20. early and often
    Last Night’s Budget Meeting Was So Awful, Someone Went to the Hospital Just to Escape ItWell, not really. She had walking pneumonia. She SAID.
  21. let’s get civical
    Legislative Leaders Agree to Roll Back Rockefeller Drug LawsSheldon Silver, Malcolm Smith, and Governor Paterson have reached an agreement to repeal many of the draconian mandatory minimums on drug sentencing in New York State.
  22. let’s get civical
    Almost Nothing Will Make People Leave New YorkNeither the bad economy nor the threat of higher taxes seem to have an affect on the number of people who move out of the city.
  23. let’s get civical
    Rockefeller Drug Laws Not Dead YetThough the State Assembly voted for reform yesterday, the outlook in the State Senate is less clear.
  24. let’s get civical
    Deputy Mayor Tackles Thief, Rescues Stolen Cell PhoneHe even got snow on his suit!
  25. let’s get civical
    Smith: Ratner’s Atlantic Yards Stimulus ShakedownAl D’Amato might prove to be Ratner’s key ally.
  26. let’s get civical
    Mayor to Hike Sales Tax, Give City Employees the AxOur sales tax will head to 8.75 percent, and 23,000 city workers will head home.
  27. let’s get civical
    Antonia Novello’s Shopping ProblemWas former health commissioner Antonia Novello just into shopping? Or was it a disease she could not control?
  28. let’s get civical
    City May Get $3.4 Billion in Federal AidOr, one-fifth of Mayor Bloomberg’s net worth, if you want to look at it that way.
  29. let’s get civical
    Hey, at Least We Don’t Have to Host the OlympicsSorry, London. Sucks to be you.
  30. let’s get civical
    That’s a Whole Lot of Fanny PacksForty-seven million tourists visited New York this year.
  31. ink-stained wretches
    Rangel Tries to Fight Back Against the ‘Times,’ But Gets a BeatdownThe paper published a letter from Charles Rangel alongside a refutation of every single one of its points.
  32. let’s get civical
    Mario Cuomo Will Not Be Painted With That BrushEvery governor New York has their portrait hanging in Albany, except for Mario Cuomo.
  33. let’s get civical
    Chuck Rangel Gives Donor Sweet Deal Over Sweet RollsThe House Ways and Means Committee chair is in trouble again.
  34. let’s get civical
    Clintons and Kennedys Come Together at Bridge DedicationDespite his tensions with the Kennedy family, Bill Clinton appeared at today’s christening of the Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Bridge.
  35. let’s get civical
    The Irony of Naming the Triborough Bridge After RFKHe was an early environmentalist who favored mass transit over cars in New York City.
  36. let’s get civical
    Mayor Tries New Tack for Selling Hybrid-Cab BillOne magical word: ‘Obama.’