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Let’s Get Graphical

  1. stoners
    Support for Weed Legalization Outpacing Support for Gay MarriageWeed and gay marriage in one graph. 
  2. let’s get graphical
    The Many Body Parts We Will Accidentally Blow Up With Fireworks TomorrowPretty much every body part you can think of. 
  3. let’s get graphical
    Obama: Fewest Executive Orders in Over 100 YearsFewer than Reagan. Fewer than Bush. And the other Bush.
  4. daily lintel
    Jeremy Lin Is Now Bigger Than Jesus ChristAnd Justin Bieber, combined.
  5. let’s get graphical
    Very Few People Try to Find an Ugly Missed ConnectionA plurality tries to find a “cute” one.
  6. let’s get graphical
    New York Commutes Are the WorstThey average nearly 35 minutes, the longest of any metropolitan area in the country.
  7. let’s get graphical
    America Finally Coming Around to Interracial MarriageUh, this took way too long.
  8. let’s get graphical
    Fun With Google CorrelateDraw a graph and Google will match it with a search term.
  9. let’s get graphical
    American Jews Think Pretty Highly of American MuslimsMore than any other religious groups, Jews have the Muslims’ backs.
  10. let’s get graphical
    Why We Don’t Have a Debt-Ceiling Deal, in Graph FormDemocrats want their congressmen to compromise. Republicans don’t.
  11. let’s get graphical
    21st Century > All Other CenturiesAt least in terms of economic output.
  12. let’s get graphical
    Checking In on That Gay-Marriage Penis GraphIt’s turning into something even better, possibly.
  13. let’s get graphical
    Gay-Marriage Debate Literally Coming to a HeadThis is the perfect symbol of America’s growing support for gay marriage.
  14. let’s get graphical
    That Terrifying Jobs Chart Isn’t Getting Any Less TerrifyingWe have a loooong way to go.