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  1. tremendous content
    Watch Trump Repeatedly Plead the Fifth, Like a MobsterNew deposition video shows Trump, who once said only criminals and “the mob” take the Fifth, asserting his constitutional right more than 400 times.
  2. early and often
    Did $1 Million Fine Teach Trump a Lesson About ‘Frivolous’ Lawsuits?Probably not! But after being ordered to pay sanctions to Hillary Clinton and others, he did withdraw a vengeance-based suit against Letitia James.
  3. early and often
    Letitia James’s Office Is Facing Its Own Sexual-Harassment ScandalThe New York attorney general has been accused of handling sexual-harassment claims against her chief of staff differently than those against Cuomo.
  4. early and often
    Why Trump Nicknamed Letitia James ‘Peekaboo’: 6 TheoriesThere’s a lot of speculation about what Trump’s lazy nickname for the New York AG really means (but it’s probably just racist).
  5. exhibit a
    It’s Blindingly Clear the Feds Failed to Investigate Trump’s FinancesLetitia James’s fraud lawsuit is also an indictment of the Justice Department.
  6. early and often
    Trump and His Children Committed ‘Staggering’ Fraud, According to Letitia JamesThe attorney general is seeking a $250 million penalty and to bar Trump from serving as an executive in a business in New York ever again.
  7. politics
    Trump Says He Can’t Comply With Subpoena Because He Can’t Find His PhoneIn an attempt to end a $10,000-a-day fine, he claimed he could not provide documents from his old devices because they’re lost to time.
  8. life after roe
    Letitia James Announces Legislation to Fund Abortion ProvidersThe bill would create a New York State fund to support abortion providers and nonprofit organizations, as well as help out-of-state abortion seekers.
  9. politics
    Trump Held in Contempt of CourtHe will have to pay $10,000 every day he does not hand over subpoenaed documents to Letitia James’s fraud probe of the Trump Organization.
  10. politics
    Alvin Bragg Insists His Criminal Probe of Trump Isn’t OverThe state of the investigation from the Manhattan DA’s office was uncertain following the recent resignations of the probe’s top prosecutors.
  11. stop asian hate
    Another Asian Woman Has Died After a Brutal AttackA man threw a rock at GuiYing Ma while she was sweeping a sidewalk in Queens last fall.
  12. power
    Justice According to Letitia JamesShe’s earned the wrath of Andrew Cuomo. She’s investigating Donald Trump. Can she beat the two meanest men in politics?
  13. politics
    Trump Ordered to Testify in New York Fraud InquiryThe former president, Ivanka, and Donald Trump Jr. must sit for depositions in the next three weeks, a judge ruled.
  14. politics
    Trump’s Accounting Firm Says His Financial Statements Can’t Be TrustedThanks in part to the fraud investigation, Mazars USA cuts ties and says documents it prepared “should no longer be relied upon.”
  15. too soon
    Andrew Cuomo Is on the WarpathThe disgraced ex-governor said he feels “vindicated” as aides reportedly plan his return to public life.
  16. the national interest
    Trump: It’s Unfair for Black Prosecutors to Charge My CrimesCrooked family plays race card.
  17. politics
    Letitia James Details Fraud Claims Against Trump OrganizationThe state attorney general’s office says the former president’s company illegally inflated asset prices.
  18. politics
    Tish James Wants to Speak to the Trump KidsDon Jr. and Ivanka have been subpoenaed as part of the ongoing civil investigation into the Trump Organization.
  19. politics
    Feeling the Heat, Trump Sues to Block Fraud InquiryHe accuses Tish James of violating his rights by looking into the business practices of the Trump Organization.
  20. politics
    Zephyr Teachout Drops Out of New York Attorney General RaceThe progressive’s campaign suspension effectively cleared the primary for the current attorney general, Letitia James, whom Teachout endorsed.
  21. the city politic
    Is Tish James Aiming Higher Than Governor? Stay Tuned.James dropped out of a winnable race, suggesting her high-stakes inquiry into the Trump Organization could be a national launching pad.
  22. politics
    Tishquake: Letitia James Drops Out of Governor’s RaceThe attorney general says she’s choosing to run for another term in her current office, in a major relief to Kathy Hochul.
  23. the city politic
    Kathy Hochul’s Got Seven MonthsTo govern. To campaign. And to tell New Yorkers what, if anything, she believes in.
  24. politics
    Andrew Cuomo in ExileHe is out of power but not out of grudges.
  25. politics
    Letitia James Announces She’s Running for GovernorWith the powerful attorney general’s entry, the 2022 race is on.
  26. politics
    Cuomo’s War on Tish James ContinuesThe ex-governor’s attorney reemerged to “correct” the attorney general’s damning report.
  27. politics
    Tish James Has Had Enough of Andrew Cuomo’s AttacksAfter months of criticism implying she was trying to take his job, the attorney general fights back.
  28. politics
    Jumaane Jumps InHe plans to run for governor, saying Kathy Hochul “enabled” Cuomo, and he’s keeping an eye on Tish James.
  29. metoo
    Anita Hill Wants More Than an ApologyThirty years after her groundbreaking testimony to Congress, Hill says gender violence is a public crisis.
  30. explainer
    What to Know About the Cuomo Investigations and Possible ImpeachmentThe governor is still the subject of multiple state and federal investigations. Here’s where the probes stand, and how impeachment could play out.
  31. politics
    How on Earth Does Cuomo Survive This?The sexual-harassment report wasn’t a bombshell; it was a nuclear blast. And yet.
  32. politics
    Chris Cuomo Advised Brother on Response to Allegations, Report SaysThe CNN anchor appeared to write the draft of a response to sexual-harassment allegations against Governor Cuomo.
  33. letitia james
    Cuomo Will Be Questioned in Sexual Harassment Inquiry on SaturdayAttorneys running the state attorney general’s probe will reportedly depose the governor in Albany.
  34. the national interest
    Why Prosecutors Need to Prepare the Country for Donald Trump’s TrialThe more shocked we are, the easier it will be for Trump to discredit the system.
  35. politics
    Tish James Wants In on Jacob Wohl Election Robocall SuitNew York’s AG moved to join a federal suit over Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman’s alleged voter-suppression plot, seeking fines of $2.75 million.
  36. politics
    Lindsey Boylan: I Won’t Participate in ‘Sham’ Cuomo Impeachment ProbeBoylan is cooperating with the AG’s investigation of her sexual-harassment claims against Cuomo, but called the State Assembly’s probe “corrupt.”
  37. downfalls
    Cuomo’s Biggest Political Problem? ‘Everybody Hates Him.’Even the governor’s allies concede that — with his political life in the balance — his usual tricks and tactics aren’t working.
  38. covid-19
    New York Takes On Amazon Over COVID Safety MeasuresIn a lawsuit, State Attorney General Letitia James alleges that the company put workers at risk of infection.
  39. coronavirus
    Cuomo Administration Accused of Undercounting Nursing-Home COVID DeathsAttorney General Letitia James’s office looked into the Cuomo administration’s totals and found the real figure may be as high as 13,000.
  40. trump organization
    Trump Fraud Inquiries Now Include Tax Write-offs Involving Ivanka: ReportNew York authorities subpoenaed the president’s business for records concerning his eldest daughter.
  41. nra
    New York Attorney General Sues to ‘Dissolve’ the NRAAttorney General Letitia James says self-dealing and corruption resulted in the NRA losing $64 million in just three years.
  42. bitter end
    How Manhattan’s City Bakery Crumbled Under Weight of DebtsWhile doing brisk business in sweet treats, the Union Square institution was embroiled in high-cost borrowing from an industry under state probe.
  43. encounter
    Letitia James on Her Battle to Be New York’s Next Attorney GeneralThe onetime shoo-in worries that anti-Establishment fervor will undo all her dues paying.
  44. Letitia James Has Taken Control of New York’s Attorney General RaceBut there is still time for a challenger — Preet Bharara, anyone? — to emerge as New York State’s next top cop.
  45. Everyone Wants to Be the Next Attorney General of New YorkThe field of potential candidates to replace Eric Schneiderman has gotten very big, very fast. Will it even include Preet Bharara?
  46. bill de blasio’s new york
    Should Mayor de Blasio Watch His Back?Public Advocate Tish James knows where she stands in the line of succession. 
  47. the man
    UPS Re-Hires 250 Queens Drivers Fired for ProtestingAfter a day of negotiations.
  48. very sad things
    Letitia James Staffer Found Hanged in His ApartmentAlfred Chiodo, her urban affairs director.
  49. politics
    Who Else Won Elections in New York City Last Night?Scott Stringer, Letitia James, and more!
  50. election 2013
    A Few NYC Voters Elect Letitia James Democratic Public Advocate CandidateA solid margin amid a low turnout.
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