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Libel Law

  1. covington catholic
    Covington Catholic Teen Sues Washington Post for a Reasonable $250 MillionNicholas Sandmann – a teenager perceived by the media as an avatar of entitlement – argues that he is entitled to a ridiculous sum of money.
  2. first amendment
    Clarence Thomas Wants to Make It Easier to Sue for LibelIn an opinion that Trump will cheer, the eccentric conservative justice attacks a long-settled precedent on criticism of public figures.
  3. These Are the Stories That Make Trump Want to Change Libel LawsAccusations of sexual assault, an official insulting his intelligence, and Fire and Fury have all made Trump question current U.S. libel law.
  4. impossible dreams
    Reince Priebus Says White House Has ‘Looked at’ Changing Libel LawsThe Trump administration can look all it wants — there is next to no chance it will ever be able to open up U.S. libel laws.
  5. Even When He Plays the Moderate, Trump Reasons Like a KleptocratIn a new interview, Trump strikes centrist notes — while suggesting that his definition of a good policy is one that benefits him personally.