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  1. early and often
    The Technolibertarian Crossover of the German Prince Who Would Be KaiserHeinrich XIII of Reuss has more in common with Peter Thiel than you may think.
  2. authoritarianism
    Mike Lee Opposes Democracy — But Supports Rule by ‘The People’Like other Republicans, Lee’s view on whether “government by the people” is desirable depends on who counts as “the people.”
  3. the alt-right
    This Obscure Foundation Helped Fund the Alt-RightA foundation funded by Seattle-area businessman Robert Rotella has helped keep organizations like Richard Spencer’s National Policy Institute afloat.
  4. new hampshire primary
    Yang Is Out. Yangism Is Here to Stay.Yang’s campaign revealed a strain of politics with a significant and passionate constituency — one that won’t evaporate in the candidate’s absence.
  5. libertarianism
    The Paltry Hopes of the Libertarian MomentJust a few years ago libertarians fantasized about taking over the GOP. Now they just hope Justin Amash can get reelected.
  6. the national interest
    I Have Seen the Future of a Republican Party That Is No Longer InsaneToday’s GOP needs to die in a fire. The Niskanen Center has a plan for what comes next.
  7. For Mark Sanford, the Trail Finally Ends With a Primary LossAfter years of courting political danger, South Carolina Congressman Mark Sanford finally lost an election — and Trump will take credit.
  8. Libertarian Think Tank Let Boss Sexually Harass WorkersFor decades, ex–Cato Institute president Ed Crane subjected female employees to serial sexual harassment.
  9. the national interest
    Donald Trump’s Presidency Is the Libertarian MomentAtlas Thugged.
  10. the national interest
    How the GOP’s Contempt for Democracy Will Pass Trump’s Tax CutsPaul Ryan has not abandoned his principles to support Trump. He is fulfilling them.
  11. The GOP Keeps Admitting Its Economic Theory Is Incompatible With DemocracyRepublicans say that their tax cuts will only work if businesses can be certain that they will never be repealed.
  12. political science
    What a Professor Got Wrong When He Argued Against Voting Rights for Dumb PeopleEven setting aside the moral problems with Jason Brennan’s proposal, he distorted or misunderstood some political science to get there.
  13. libertarianism
    Libertarian Group: Your Local Public Hospital Is Stealing Your FreedomUntil we can wrench ourselves free from the tyrannous yoke of publicly funded sewage and medical systems, we will never be free.
  14. Maybe Peter Thiel Just Wants to Make MoneyFor the all the speculation about the tech billionaire’s reasons for supporting Trump, the answer might be right in front of us.
  15. the national interest
    Everybody Loves Libertarianism, Insists LibertarianThe revolution is coming, and Rand Paul will lead it.
  16. the national interest
    1964 Not the Only Time Racists Hated GovernmentAre paleolibertarianism and racism incompatible?