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  1. liborgate
    LIBOR SoldGot all that?
  2. liborgate
    UBS Li-Bros Were Amazing at Rigging Interest Rates, Horrible at SpellingSuperman, Captain Caos [sic], and other new members of Wall Street’s VIP rate-rigging club.
  3. liborgate
    Bank May Plead Guilty to Something for OnceUBS is about to break the no-criminal-charges precedent.
  4. accomplishments
    Barclays Oddly Unfazed by Prestigious Bank AwardThe bank won first prize for “Innovation in Interest Rate Manipulation.”
  5. everything is libor
    Confidential Study Reveals Global Finance Is One Big GuesstimateOops!
  6. the summer of scandal
    Wall Street’s Summer of ScandalA three-month financial circus, with a rotating cast of clowns.
  7. liborgate
    Liborgate Report Lambasts Former Barclays CEO for Withholding DetailsBob Diamond was “highly selective” when it came to sharing information about the rate-setting scandal.
  8. There Must Be 50 Ways to Leave Your LIBORBut are any of them better?
  9. liborgate
    The Libor Scandal Is About to Hit HomeHere come the subpoenas!
  10. li-bros
    Libor Probe Turns Up Possible Rate-Rigging RingleaderHis name? Thomas Hayes.
  11. liborgate
    Will Citigroup Be the Next Libor Casualty?The bank seems to have misbehaved even more than Barclays. 
  12. liborgate
    Libor Investigation Reveals Existence of VIP Rate-Rigging ClubIntroducing the Li-bros.
  13. liborgate
    Justice Department Prepping Libor Criminal ChargesAgainst Barclays traders and several banks. 
  14. liborgate
    Barclays Just Wanted to Be Like Everyone Else That’s one employee’s explanation for posting inaccurate Libor rates. 
  15. liborgate
    With Release of 2008 Memo, Focus Shifts to Geithner in Libor ScandalHis recommendations were only a few years too late.
  16. roose family economics
    Li-bored: Why Some Wall Street Scandals StickAccording to my Aunt Deborah.