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  1. cityscape
    The Hunters Point Library Was Too Expensive, and Is Worth ItA small, great civic monument on the Queens waterfront.
  2. libraries
    And the Library Oscar Goes To …On Wednesday, the city will announce the winners of its NYC Neighborhood Library Awards.
  3. videos
    Libraries Now: A Day in the Life of NYC’s BranchesWatch an exclusive documentary about their evolving role, and the struggle to remain open.
  4. media
    Public Libraries Are Still Viable, As Places to Get OnlineAlmost as many people use the library to get Internet as to get books.
  5. things that are awful
    Long Island Boy Scouts Leader Busted for Child PornHe also worked at the library.
  6. the war on bedbugs
    Libraries Now Populated Entirely by BedbugsClutch your tablets close.
  7. neighborhood news
    Brooklyn Heights Library Sounds Like a Wild PlacePorn. Stabbings. Homeless people. It’s anarchy over there. 
  8. stupid crime of the day
    Don’t Punch Anybody in the Library, Even If They Are Looking at Porn on a Public ComputerYou want to interrupt that with one of your own body parts?
  9. stupid crime of the day
    Why Doesn’t Stuff Like This Ever Happen When We’re in the Library?A dude busted for drinking vodka in the Greenpoint branch went nuts earlier this week.
  10. neighborhood news
    Library Apologizes to Breast-feeding MomBreast-feeding in public is (still) not a crime.