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Libya Zero Hour

  1. Libyan Militia Captures Qaddafi’s Son, Saif al-Islam [Updated]They want him put on trial.
  2. What the Qaddafi Autopsy RevealedFatal gunshot wound to the head.
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    John Heilemann on Hardball: Qaddafi Death BacklashSome Republicans say the mission wasn’t worth the risks.
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    A Quickly Canceled 1987 Sitcom Predicted the Year of Qaddafi’s DeathThey were off by a few months, though.
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    Muammar Qaddafi Tried to Get Condoleezza Rice Into His TentDudes can be so skeevy.
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    Muammar Qaddafi Killed As Sirte Falls: Report [Updated]A NATO airstrike outside of Sirte.
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    Libyan Rebels Uncovered Some Racy Photos of Qaddafi’s Daughter-in-LawAnd they’re not keeping them to themselves.
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    Can Libyans Expect a Modicum of Normality Soon?Resumption of international flights to Tripoli.
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    Libyan Rebel Leader Warns Followers Against ‘Retribution’Mustafa Abdel Jalil made his first public address in Tripoli on Monday.
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    The 24-Year-Old Woman Who Helped Bring Down Qaddafi’s RegimeThis is not a sex diary.
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    Saadi Qaddafi Located in NigerHis father is still unaccounted for.
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    Battle Over Qaddafi’s Last Loyalist Outposts Under WayLibyan forces say they are now inside Bani Walid and creeping closer to Sirte.
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    Interpol Puts Qaddafi on Most Wanted ListThe Libyan leader says he’s still in the country and vows to keep fighting.
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    Muammar Qaddafi Is Still in Libya, Says Muammar QaddafiIn a new statement, the dictator denied that he had fled to Niger.
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    Revolution-Chaser Sent PackingLibyan rebels got “fed up” with their college student companion.
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    American College Student Just Hanging With Libyan RebelsChris Jeon, 21, just “thought it would be cool” to see a revolution.
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    Saif Qaddafi Is More Confident Than His BrotherWhile Saadi considers giving in, Saif vows to fight until “martyrdom or victory.”
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    Qaddafi Could Be Cornered, Hopes to Collaborate With RebelsRebels “laughed out loud” at the thought.
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    Libyan Rebels Giving Qaddafi Until the Count of Five…Loyalist forces have until Saturday to surrender. Or else.
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    Brutally Burned Qaddafi Nanny Discovered in Hannibal’s Beach CondoCNN captures graphic video of the abused woman.
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    John McCain Worked to Arm Qaddafi in 2009Now he’s talking tougher in the opposite way.
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    Qaddafi Left Behind His Condoleezza Rice Photo AlbumThe Libyan dictator loved his “darling Leezza.”
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    Qaddafi’s Endgame: Was His Hyped Chess Game Faked?“He doesn’t look like he’s using his chess skills effectively.”
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    Qaddafi Calls Retreat ‘Tactical Move’He’s still not ready to give up.
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    Libyan Rebels Breach Qaddafi’s Compound [Updated]After heavy gunfire and explosions.
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    Qaddafi’s Son Taunts Libyans as the Dictator Remains at LargeTwo of the Qaddafi kids are now unexpectedly on the loose.
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    Qaddafi’s Son Freed From House ArrestClashes continue in Tripoli.
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    Qaddafi Losing Control of Tripoli; Fighting ContinuesClashes continued outside the Libyan dictator’s compound Monday morning.
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    Libyan Rebels Say They’ve Captured Qaddafi’s SonAfter meeting little resistance upon entering Tripoli.