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  1. the most important people in the world
    How Many Times Have Brangelina ‘Broken Up’ These Past Two Years?Dozens, as it turns out.
  2. ink-stained wretches
    Cover Awards With Mark PasetskyRemember Mark Pasetsky? The reportedly feng shui–loving, foundation-wearing, and alleged inspiration for Courteney Cox’s Dirt editor “resigned” from Bauer Publishing’s Life & Style last fall and went back to his job in marketing, but, apparently, he’s not feeling entirely fulfilled. Folio today tells us that the confirmed cowboy-hat lover has started a blog that is fascinating and gross and wonderful all at once, like a silkworm. It’s called Cover Awards, and on it Pasetsky weighs in on the covers of various weekly magazines, noting what he would have done different (“What do they mean when they say “Clinton vs. Obama. How to Win”?”) and giving kudos: “The Heath Ledger story, “Did Drug Doctors Kill Him?” is SUPER STRONG. It’s an obvious question, but one that hasn’t been answered.” Right, and we’re sure the Globe will get right to the bottom of it! Click, don’t scroll, your browser to this hot new site immediately. Cover Awards Website [Cover Awards] Ex-Life & Style Editor Launches Web Site [Folio] Related: The Devil Wears Cowboy Hats
  3. company town
    Facebook Exerts Yet More PowerFINANCE • Kathleen Corbet, the president of Standard & Poor’s, agreed to step down after her company failed to accurately rate subprime bonds. Deven Sharma, an executive vice-president at S&P, will take her place as president. [Bloomberg] • An angry Facebook group convinced HSBC, Britain’s largest bank, to stop charging interest on overdrafts by recent grads. You see, interest rates are so Web 1.0. [Times of London via DealBreaker] • With few big M&A deals on the horizon, it may seem like investment bankers could just stay in the Hamptons for the rest of the year. But the backlog of big deals from the halcyon days of last spring should keep them plenty busy — as long as the deals don’t fall through. [Deal Journal/WSJ]
  4. gossipmonger
    Still Barkin Up Ron’s TreeEllen Barkin claims that Ron Perelman owes her another $3.4 million because he promised to fund a production company for her and her brother. (She already got $40 million in the divorce.) Lindsay Lohan was dropped as the potential face of Louis Vuitton after stealing a lot of clothing during an Elle photo shoot. Sagg Pond in the Hamptons was jokingly renamed On Goldman Pond after Lloyd Blackfein and other GS employees bought houses on it. Some staffers at the Russian Tea Room claim the restaurant is haunted. Sumner Redstone may sell Paramount to settle family squabbling. Keith Richards did snort his dad’s ashes — just not with cocaine.
  5. gossipmonger
    Anand Jon Was Always CreepyDesigner Anand Jon, who’s charged with multiple counts of sexual assault, is a publicity whore and total creep. Among the dogs in Lindsay Lohan’s life right now are a Yorkie, a Jack Russell, and Jude Law. Uma Thurman and André Balazs officially broke up yesterday. Nicole Richie collapsed on the set of The Simple Life in Malibu. A woman once died in Jay McInerney’s bed. The Jewish Theater of New York wants the Times to fire drama editor Rick Lyman for allegedly passing on reviewing Last Jew in Europe because of pressure from the Polish government. NY1 political anchor Dominic Carter wrote a book about his hard-knock childhood. Country-music star Merle Haggard backs Hillary Clinton for president but is not ready to fully commit to her. Florida advertising mogul Jordan Zimmerman is backing Mitt Romney for president. Two more top editors from Life & Style quit.