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Life After Roe.

  1. life after roe
    The Language of Abortion Politics Is Evolving AgainA major abortion-rights group now pursues “reproductive freedom for all,” while Ohio Republicans insist on calling a fetus an unborn child.
  2. life after roe
    Trump Isn’t Moderating on Abortion, He’s Just Shifting TacticsBy criticizing six-week state limits, Trump is acknowledging that abortion bans are unpopular and returning to incrementalism on the issue.
  3. the national interest
    Trump Throws Anti-Abortion Activists Under the BusWhat Trump’s moderate abortion rhetoric says about the presidential race.
  4. life after roe
    Debate Shows Republicans Are in Total Disarray on AbortionWhere Republicans disagree on abortion, they’re incoherent and evasive. Where they agree, they are out of touch with public opinion.
  5. life after roe
    California GOP May Drop Anti-Abortion StanceGolden State Republicans want to moderate unpopular national party positions on abortion and same-sex marriage. It won’t happen without a fight.
  6. life after roe
    RFK Jr. Executes Rare Double Flip-Flop on AbortionThe anti-vaxx Democrat went from pro-choice to favoring a national ban that even Trump and DeSantis don’t support and back again in a matter of hours.
  7. life after roe
    Abortion Is Now a Wedge Issue — Against RepublicansThe defeat of Ohio’s Issue 1 shows abortion rights could be the preeminent populist cause of the next decade or so.
  8. life after roe
    Ohio Blows Up the Republican Plan to Block Abortion RightsRepublicans tried to pass a special-election measure to make an abortion-rights amendment in November fail. But pro-choice voters showed up in droves.
  9. life after roe
    Abortion Extremist DeSantis Gets Attacked by Abortion ExtremistsHe signed a draconian six-week ban for Florida but has run afoul of activists by refusing to back a national ban.
  10. early and often
    Pence Raps DeSantis for Boosting ‘Pro-Abortion’ RFK Jr.DeSantis tried to own the libs by joking about inflicting the anti-vaxxer on the CDC or FDA. Old-school culture warriors like Pence weren’t laughing.
  11. life after roe
    The Sneak Attack on Abortion Rights in Ohio Is FailingThe GOP is trying to use a low-turnout election to make it harder to pass an abortion rights measure in November. It looks like the scheme won’t work.
  12. life after roe
    Ohio’s Pro-Choice Majority Needs to Turn Out Twice This YearA November ballot initiative could restore abortion rights in the state, but only if voters first disable a GOP dead man’s switch in August.
  13. life after roe
    Are Anti-Abortion Voters Tuning Out After the Fall of Roe?Pro-choice voters were once less motivated than abortion foes. Heading into the 2024 election, the shoe may be on the other foot.
  14. life after roe
    Will Abortion Ballot Initiative Boost 2024 Turnout for New York Democrats?Sometimes a ballot initiative is necessary to protect rights. In New York, it could also lead to Democratic gains.
  15. life after roe
    ‘Sunny’ Tim Scott Takes Hardest Line Available on AbortionThe South Carolinian can’t afford to get outflanked on the right in Iowa in eagerness to ban as many abortions as possible.
  16. life after roe
    What’s an Ex–Abortion Doctor in Alabama to Do?Fight for better pregnancies and births for those who have no choice.
  17. life after roe
    One Year Without RoeAll the ways abortion bans have affected pregnant people, providers, and clinics, by the numbers and in their own words.
  18. life after roe
    House GOP Forges Ahead on Wildly Unpopular National Abortion BanKevin McCarthy’s leadership team is determined to placate the House GOP’s right flank, even if it injects a toxic issue into 2024 races.
  19. life after roe
    Hispanics Fully Part of the Pro-Choice MajorityDespite assumptions otherwise, Hispanic voters are no more likely to oppose legalized abortion than any other group of the population.
  20. life after roe
    ‘It’s Not Just the Fringe Who Are Committing These Violent Acts’A conversation with Julie Burkhart, abortion provider and reproductive-rights advocate.
  21. life after roe
    When Pregnancy Is the CrimeAn exit interview with Lynn Paltrow, who has spent decades representing women jailed for miscarriages and stillbirths.
  22. early and often
    DeSantis Aims to Convince Voters That Trump Is the Real RINOThe governor’s strategy may seem strange, but it’s the path to victory in Iowa.
  23. early and often
    DeSantis’s Weak Supreme Court Pitch Is No Threat to TrumpThe Florida governor can’t outdo Trump’s transformation of the Court, so he’s just promising to keep it going longer.
  24. early and often
    Oregon Republicans’ Self-Destructive Culture-War WalkoutGOP state senators are disqualifying themselves from reelection to block gun restrictions, abortion rights, and gender-affirming care.
  25. life after roe
    Is a 12-Week Abortion Ban a ‘Reasonable Compromise’?North Carolina’s new law is being presented as a solution. But a majority of Americans see Roe’s fetal-viability standard as compromise enough.
  26. early and often
    DeSantis Seizes Opening Against Trump in IowaTrump’s abortion stance irked key Evangelical leaders in Iowa. Now the Florida governor may be looking to go big in the first 2024 contest.
  27. life after roe
    Is the Anti-Abortion Movement Sitting Out the GOP Primary?After Marjorie Dannenfelser accepted disrespect from Nikki Haley and Donald Trump, you have to wonder if her group is playing a longer game.
  28. life after roe
    Pro-Choice Florida Voters May Disrupt Ron DeSantis’s 2024 PlansBy pushing a very unpopular near-total abortion ban to please national right-wing activists, DeSantis might have invited a dangerous backlash at home.
  29. early and often
    Kamala Harris May Be a Huge Republican Target in 2024GOP attack dogs will be tempted to illustrate the risks of Biden’s age by focusing on his running mate. But it’s a risky strategy.
  30. life after roe
    National Abortion Ban Is a Trap for 2024 RepublicansAnti-abortion activists want to roll back reproductive rights nationwide. Most GOP presidential candidates consider a ban unpopular and unfeasible.
  31. early and often
    Nikki Haley’s Week of Living DangerouslyOn abortion, Disney, and the president’s mortality, the long-shot presidential candidate seemed inclined to do almost anything to make headlines.
  32. life after roe
    Nikki Haley Says GOP Should Make Strategic Retreat on AbortionShe called on fellow Republicans to back off on abortion restrictions that aren’t supported by public opinion. That doesn’t leave a lot of them.
  33. life after roe
    What the Abortion-Pill Decision Reveals About the Shadow DocketThe author of a new book on the Supreme Court’s backdoor-lawmaking system breaks down what it is and why Samuel Alito is so mad at its critics.
  34. life after roe
    Trump and Pence Struggle for the Souls of Iowa EvangelicalsPence stressed his support for a national abortion ban while Trump reminded conservative evangelicals he had kept his promises to them.
  35. life after roe
    Supreme Court Preserves Full Access to Abortion Pill, For NowMifepristone will remain fully available in states were abortion is still legal, at least while a longer court battle over its fate proceeds.
  36. life after roe
    Is ‘God’s Fighter’ Ron DeSantis Afraid of His Own Abortion Ban?The Florida governor is shying away from earlier efforts to depict himself as a Christian right warrior and running away from his own abortion law.
  37. early and often
    DeSantis Signs Radical Abortion Law But Won’t Talk About ItHours after he signed a six-week abortion ban, the Florida governor gave a stock speech at Liberty University with God and abortion notably absent.
  38. life after roe
    How Far Will the Supreme Court Go This Time?The fate of the abortion pill now lies with the same justices who killed Roe.
  39. life after roe
    Will the Supreme Court Uphold an Abortion-Pill Ban?If Judge Kacsmaryk’s radical mifepristone ruling stands, there will be hell to pay. That’s why Supreme Court conservatives may find a way to block it.
  40. life after roe
    Federal Judges Issue Dueling Orders on Abortion-Pill AccessA federal judge in Texas suspended the FDA approval of mifepristone, while a federal judge in Washington State blocked the FDA from restricting it.
  41. life after roe
    Beware Phony Republican ‘Moderation’ on AbortionGOP panic over abortion-driven election losses may lead to a tiny strategic retreat on abortion-ban exceptions.
  42. early and often
    This Week Proved There’s More to Politics Than TrumpTennessee’s expulsion of Black Democratic lawmakers is just one such example.
  43. early and often
    The Mystery of North Carolina’s Democratic DefectorTricia Cotham was just elected to the North Carolina House as a pro-choice, pro-LGBTQ Democrat. So why did she give the GOP a vetoproof majority?
  44. politics
    Anti-Trans and Anti-Abortion Advocates Are Using the Same PlaybookSome of the very groups that pushed for abortion bans are now coming for trans health care.
  45. the body politic
    Abortion Wins ElectionsThe fight to make reproductive rights the centerpiece of the Democratic Party’s 2024 agenda.
  46. life after roe
    Oklahoma Court Narrowly Preserves Right to Lifesaving AbortionIn some extremely red states, lawmakers are fighting even the most modest exceptions to strict abortion bans.
  47. life after roe
    Republicans Give Arkansas State Capitol a ‘Monument to the Unborn’Now that the Confederate memorials are coming down, there’s room for new monuments to reactionary laws and politics.
  48. life after roe
    ‘They Really Wanted to See My Baby Get Taken Away’A woman is suing a Brooklyn hospital for secretly testing her for drugs during labor and calling child-protective services.
  49. life after roe.
    Republicans Race to Block Access to Ballots for Abortion-Rights InitiativesThe onetime champions of popular control of abortion policy are now beating a hasty retreat from the will of the people.
  50. life after roe
    Will Abortion Come Back to Bite Ron DeSantis?Activists pushed the Florida governor into accepting a near-total ban, which may not be enough for the right and may be too much for the rest.
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