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Life Expectancy

  1. social studies
    America’s Population Could Use a BoomFailing to reverse the country’s population decline may exact a heavy toll.
  2. covid-19
    New CDC Data Shows the Pandemic Crushed U.S. Life ExpectancyThe coronavirus, fatal overdoses, and rising homicides amounted to the worst drop since WWII — even worse for Black and Hispanic people.
  3. Young White Women Are Killing Themselves More Than They Used ToLife expectancy for white women declined in 2014 for the first time in recorded history. An uptick in suicides and overdoses appears to be the cause.
  4. The Rich Far Outlive the Poor, Except in NYCA new study finds that the life expectancy of low-income Americans varies widely by locality.
  5. l’chaim
    Americans Are Living Longer Than Ever78 years! Not bad.