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    The Kids Love LinkedIn and the Stories Format. Now They Can Do Both!How do you do, fellow kids.
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    A List of ICE Employees Scraped From LinkedIn Was Removed by Medium and GitHubThe platforms viewed the info dump as doxing.
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    LinkedIn Is Also Getting Into the Trending-Topics BusinessThe move could help LinkedIn keep users engaged.
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    Holy Christ, Microsoft’s Plans for LinkedIn Sound AwfulLove LinkedIn? Who cares! Microsoft is gonna give you a lotta LinkedIn anyway.
  5. Microsoft Bought LinkedIn to Turn Work Into a Social NetworkLinkedIn’s not just for job-hunting anymore.
  6. Microsoft Just Bought LinkedIn for $26.2 BillionApparently Microsoft wasn’t deterred by all those hacks.
  7. How I Came to Love LinkedIn, Spam and AllLinkedIn is spammy, anxiety-inducing, and weirdly wonderful.
  8. career advice
    Former General Stanley McChrystal Can Relate to Unemployed LinkedIn ReadersSo he wrote a column about making the most of his “career curveball.”
  9. leap second
    Leap Second Gave the Internet a Really Bad HeadacheIt knocked out a dozen or so major websites.
  10. the internet
    Happy Social Media Day From People Who Get What It’s All About “Stalk your next hook-up, take pictures of your food, and b*tch about politics!”
  11. you’ve got mail
    That Creepy eHarmony Message May Not Be From Your Perfect MatcheHarmony got hacked.
  12. Boring Old LinkedIn Wows Tech ConferenceAfter the Facebook IPO, stodgy and profitable is looking pretty good.
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    LinkedIn Is the Only Major Online Social Network That’s Mostly MaleProbably good news for Anthony Weiner’s simultaneous attempts to find a job and patch up his marriage.
  14. party like it’s 1999
    Hot Damn, LinkedIn’s Got an IPO Price That Just Won’t QuitIts valuation is now up to $4.1 billion.
  15. the new adventures of old christine
    Christine O’Donnell’s LinkedIn Fairy Also Posted Same Inaccurate Info on Another WebsiteShe went to Oxford, according to Zoom Info.
  16. the new adventures of old christine
    The Curious Case of Christine O’Donnell’s LinkedIn ProfileThe one that claimed she went to Oxford and Claremont Graduate University? It wasn’t hers, she says.