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Lionel Pincus

  1. it’s a rich-eat-rich world
    So Is Lionel Pincus’s Death a Victory for His Princess Girlfriend?She does get the Pierre penthouse …
  2. it’s a rich-eat-rich world
    The Dispute Between the Pincus Sons and the Princess Is Not About the MoneyJust kidding.
  3. it’s a rich-eat-rich world
    The Princess, the Pincus Billionaire, and the Pierre PenthouseA new lawsuit over a spectacular apartment is shaping up to be an epic battle of socialite versus socialite.
  4. real estate porn
    Lionel Pincus’s $50 Million Duplex, and YouThere are three powder rooms in venture capitalist Lionel Pincus’s fourteen-room duplex in the Pierre, which the Observer reported last week is on the market for $50 million, making it New York’s second-most-expensive apartment! And now that Corcoran has the floor plan up on their Website, we can see that it’s everything we’ve ever wanted. Plus, some things we didn’t even know we wanted! The amenities are as follows…